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Have you ever left a relationship, because you couldn't afford to live together?


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No, but my kids are expensive little monkeys, is this an option with them 🤔😂

 You spoil them
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 Yep, how dare I buy them clothes and shoes and food. Such luxury items! Those $6.50 school shoes from Big W are way too nice! Should have just spray painted their feet black! 😂
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 It should be
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My husband is a compulsive spender, we had to sell our house to pay off credit card debt, after paying the debt I took 60% of what was left and moved into a rental without him. We are still sort of together but I'm not responsible for any debt that he gets himself into. It's difficult because you have to tell C link if you are dating you don't have to spend nights to be counted as a couple. But it's great to say he can't come over if he hasn't paid his child support.

 I thought it was only if they stayed more than 3 nights per week. I only have to declare if someone's living with me..
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 No you have to report if you are dating someone.
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 That's stupid. I could be dating like 4 different people, they wanna know about that too?
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 C. Link website says "We don’t consider you a member of a couple if you’re living separately and apart on a permanent or indefinite basis".
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 One of the questions is are you having sex
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 So they are stating that casual sex is basis for a relationship?
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Yes. My first love was an LA native, and i live in AUS. We dates for a few years long distance, contact each other every day and did a few overseas trips each. He was a bit older than i was and i was fresh out of school and didn’t have a hell of a lot of money, and he had had time to acceue debt by means of credit cards, car loans etc etc. We would talk about moving to be together but i never actually seen any progress from him. In the end i got tired of waiting for something to happpen, we just couldnt afford to pack up and leave and be together. We broke up 10 years ago and to this day i still think about all the what ifs. Sometimes i wish things had been different.

 Your Greek sugarbird
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That’s the main reason why I don’t live with my current partner, I can’t afford to loose Centrelink payments until I get guaranteed hours at work. I don’t expect him or want him to support us even though he would and could. Myself having children I wish to keep money separate... atleast for the first few years.
Living together tests a relationship... I don’t want $ to be a factor in that.

 At least she has
A partnership and

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 She has a job
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