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What level of social iso break down are you at?

I’m at dying my own hair and waxing my own brows. It’s been 2 weeks since I was acting like life was normal. Even walking around the neighbourhood now to get out.


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Just missing the beach other than that loving a home holiday.
Finally getting things organised after moving 3 months ago, painting and hanging things organising sections. Kids are happen, gardens are getting all done finally as husband is off, kids are so chill and happy and sleeping more without so much stimulation (we haven’t been homeschool just took an extended holiday approach)
We are loving loving loving life in the slow lane and have been heading to the beach at 6 am for a swim. (Usually we spend all afternoon there) so we’ve been watching sunrises on the beach every day. Iv learned new dishes to cook, and read two books. My youngest learnt to ride without her training wheels. Lots of swimming and playing netball and my 4 yo just seems so happy to have her sisters home as it’s been hard for her since my middle when to school this year.

It’s been one of the most special times.

 People around the world and in Australia are dying. People are losing everything. The world is at its knees. Special times indeed.
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 Some times it's ok to make the best of bad situation. We don't have to be anxiety riddled pessimists checking the body count on our phone every hour. We're all trying to live in this new reality. Don't judge someone else for finding an upside to being locked up with their family.
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 ^ I get that. But it isn’t a special time in a positive sense. It’s an extraordinary time and yes we must make the most of it but anyone who feels like this is one of the best times of their lives really is walking around with their eyes shut.
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 Hey , I’m the original commenter.
I’m a business owner and lad to lay off staff for the first time in my life. It felt shit.
Thankfully now I can pay them with the government new grant.
My mortgage is ok but my business rent is still needing to be paid, I’m trying to negotiate with them.
We’ve frozen our mortgages.
We’ve already spent 10k of savings and have 2k left (thankfully the government help will now buffer us) but we are in the process of accessing our hard earned super.
I face the very real possibility of my buisness having to almost be built from scratch again and going through not only 6-8 months of not working but another year of taking no income to build it back up.
My kids are star athletes and one had just been accepted into the winter state team. Which she now can play it. She worked SO hard over summer and was crushed when I’m the season was cancelled.

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 But still. With all the crazy, my beautiful kids are all that matters and this time with them at home has been beyond special. One of our most special times.
I choose to focus on my kids safe in a warm bed, our connection, the way my kids have just bonded all over again without school friends(they’ve always been close but my eldest was going through a “too cool” phase, which she’s just turned into the loving big sister she was 6 months ago)
With all the crazy going on, I still can’t help but see how wonderful this time has been for my special family.
I’m the luckiest person in the world to call those 4 humans mine.
My husband and I are having sex every night and most mornings.
We are FaceTiming my sister and brother every day/ twice a day. (We use to do regulatory but not twice a day.)
There’s so much joy to be found,
Not to mention how our government has stepped up financially!!
And the memes! My god the memes! They might be the greatest part of this all.

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 Good work, you made me smile & get a bit teary i'm happy for you ❤
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My husband and I work from home, we are working longer hours. Our kids are teens and can amuse themselves. I go out for a daily run but don’t go near anyone or shops or anything just around the neighborhood. Still adjusting.

I have zero motivation to do anything. I hate not having a routine. I’m still going for my nightly walk and the house is tidy but I just feel like I don’t know what to do with myself. Tv bores me. I can’t read because of distractions from kids.

I’m in WA. My last haircut and colour was 2 weeks ago just before the restrictions started to be rolled out. I always walk my dogs every morning at sunrise and that hasn’t changed. And I need it more than ever now. But I am missing my daily swim at the local pool so trying to make up for it by doing an hour on the exercise bike each day and dancing with my daughter. Exercise is really helping my mood.

Good for now but ask me again in a couple more weeks 😂

I cut my hair in to a bob, it was down to the middle of my back and I'm really struggling with amusing the kids, especially my 3 year old who is just full of energy and can't play independently, I feel like I'm doing nothing and getting nothing done. We have no "at home" routine because I ususally work full time, Today has not been a great day.

 Give yourself permission to adjust and build a loose routine slowly
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This was my way of life before this already homeschooled kids so school shutting no big deal always worked from home so I'm sailing through this easily

I'm stood down from work, and still waiting for my claim for financial assistance to be processed. It's taken the week to calm down from the stress of this and just hope it all works out.
Walking the dogs twice a day. One trip to local IGA to get food. Finally getting to the pile of things I need to fix. I built a new shelf for the "spice cupboard" in my rental house. Put up a solar light outside. Going to sweep the floors and begin on the pile of sewing I have. I bought material to make some pants, and saw some Y/Tube videos on making slippers so I'm going to try that project. Yet to work on a 1000 piece puzzle I got for Christmas.
Yep, totally bored, but have plenty to do!

I've been cutting my own to save money now for awhile so no change. YouTube will teach you anything.