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Period Undies

Have you tried them? Do you like them? What brand do you use?


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I have thinx and modibodi I find thinx fits me better they both work. Hubby accidentally put one in the drier but it’s fine still works.

 Good to know because I can see myself doing this. They look like regular knickers.
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I’ve never heard of them but feels like it would just be absorbent undies instead of pad wearing?
Not sure I like the idea tbh..

 I know what they are. I’m just after reviews of different brands.
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I have modibodi. They don't leak but I don't feel as "fresh" with them. That might be because I've been about 3 years without a period from babies though, lol.

For people who use them- do you wear the same pair all day/ night? Or how often do you change them?

 Apparently you can wear them all day. I have a really light period so I think they’d be fine for me. Modibodi do have different absorbency levels for different flows.
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I bought Modibodi for my little girl. They fit really well but she hasn’t got her period yet so not sure how well it works. I’ve just seen an ad for pundies which are way cheaper but havnt heard reviews yet.