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Bitch on an plane - Just a rant

My husband and I were traveling with our 6 month old bub, we thought we would be clever and book the window and aisle seat on a row of 3 and hope no one sat between us, they did. She took her seat and put her headphones on, soon after takeoff i asked if she wanted to swap so i could be next to my husband, she said "no, i'm settled into a movie now" I can't believe people!!!!!


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Choosing 2 seats not right next to each other was your mistake. The airline sells every seat. If you want an extra for your baby, but a ticket. If you don't want you chance someone sitting between you, choose seats next to each other. This person did what was expected of her. She booked a seat and sat in it

Well I guess you have Learnt your lesson. Being entitled gets you nowhere.

I would have said. Sure, for $50.

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What if she likes the middle seat and intentionally booked it?

I would have booked two seats together... But, why did you wait until she had started watching a movie before you asked her? Why not ask her as soon as you realized she had the seat between you and your partner?

That was your own fault. Next time you need to book seats side by side. You can't expect someone not to buy a seat in between and then shuffle around just so you can be next to your husband, you could have booked seats side by side and none of this would have happened.

She didn't do anything wrong, you really have no right to complain. Next time book seats together. Although, I find it strange that she didn't jump at the chance to move out of the middle seat, who sits there by choice? πŸ˜„

 I like the middle. The drink cart never hits me and I find the window seat claustrophobic.
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 Well there you go! I personally hate the middle seat but everyone has their own preferences.
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If its a packed flight every seat will be taken. She did nothing wrong. If i was chosing my sest when booking and saw the middle seat free i would assume the people in the window and isle seats didnt know each other. A tactic ive used previously and has worked several times, provided the plane isn't packed, is to book the isle and middle seat. Leaving just the window seat. But really it is what it is. If you get a free seat - bonus! If not too bad. If it was me and i probably would of moved to the isle because i would feel uncomfortable being between people who knew each other. But why did you wait until she was watching a movie instead of as soon as you realised she would be taking the middle seat?!

 Really, I travel by myself for a course I am studying, I like to book the window. I agree with your point why wait until the poor girl has started watching a movie?
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If you wanted to sit together you should have booked seats next to each other

Same thing happened to me on a long haul flight between Sydney and LA. Except I had no baby, and I was travelling alone. I had the middle seat. On either side of me were two guys travelling together who obviously did the same thing, booked two seats either side on a single thinking it would remain empty. Nope! I offered to swap with one of them so they were next to each other but they didn't want to do that. So I sat between them for 17 or whatever hours while they talked across me. It was awful!

 Those blokes were dickheads!
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 Some people are awful. I had a long haul flight many years ago and had three teenagers behind me, their parents were seated separately. The kids were not mature enough to sit without adult supervision, they were noisy, burping loudly and constantly kicked my friends and my seats. We asked them to stop about 10 times, the flight attendant asked them to stop but after getting no sleep I'd had enough. My friends and I waited until they had been served breakfast and had opened their drinks, we all slammed ourselves back in our seats at the same time covering them in food and orange juice. It was so funny, they went and cried to their parents who then decided to care about what was going on. We just laughed and said terrible turbulence, people really need to be respectful on planes, it's a long way to be stuck with pissed off passengers.
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 ^ that's awesome!
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I would have swapped, only because I hate the middle.

I get in early and choose a set that I want, it's very unlikely that I would swap because someone deliberately tried to get an extra seat. I would swap if a family was separated on the flight because other chose their seats first, or if someone is rude they can forget it.