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What would you do?

I've heard rumours around our sport that a grown man basically tried to ..... with a young boy.
I'm not really sure what to do. If it is true this man would have access to a lot of other kids which is horrible.
If it isn't true this rumour will ruin this man and his families lives.
Now I'm unsure if the family has reported it to the police but are telling people about which is also bad (if it's not true).
What would you do? I feel like I should anonymously report it to the police?


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It can and should be reported even if it is a rumour. If he is innocent, then it sucks that his name is tarnished but if it is true and nothing gets done then more children are at risk of being victimised when it could have been stopped.
You can report it to the police and they will have to investigate or report it to your state child protection services even if it is based on rumours particularly since it is a sexual abuse allegation which is a top tier, must investigate ASAP issue. You could also report online or via phone to your state child protection department. If a mandated reporter (such as teachers, doctors etc) heard this rumour they would be obliged to report it whether or not they had evidence to say it is true.
If you are concerned enough to ask for advice on an online forum then you should be concerned enough to report it.

 I'm hugely concerned but didn't know how to go about it. Thanks. I'll def take your advise.
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You can't go to the police with a rumour, that's not how they work.
Why didn't you tell these people to their face to go report it?
If you haven't, do that.. in the meantime keep your kids away from that man.
That's all you can do.

 That's what I thought. What would/could they even do with the information.
It wasn't said to me. Like I said it was second Hand to me!

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This is a very tricky situation, is there someone in charge you can go to with this? Like a club manager?
They will probably have a procedure that can be followed so its all dealt with properly and everyone can voice there concerns etc.
It also depends on how the rumour was started and if the family involved have done anything about it yet?
If they have already reported it, the police will deal with it properly.
However, as someone who has worked with children for years and reported things of this nature a few times before, children very rarely lie about this kind of thing and once it's reported it all happens very quickly.
Good Luck and trust your instincts- they are almost always correct. :)

Give your son the talk about what is unacceptable behaviour from adults, if you havent already, and make sure he knows to come and talk to you immediately if he is approached in an unacceptable way. There is a good program developed by the Morcombes that is being run through many schools. Check if he has been through that. Treat your discussion with him just as a periodic refresher, so it does not look pointed at any situation.
Rumours are very dangerous territory for an accusation with such devastating consequences.

Confront the family spreading the rumours. Let them know they need to go to the police otherwise they will likely be up on defamation charges

 Yes, Do it, and soon. This sort of thing is VERY serious.
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 I'm not really a confrontational person and don't think this is something I can do. The rumour wasn't directly said to me either
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