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How often do you buy clothes for yourself? Roughly how much money would you spend on clothes in a 12 month period? Do you enjoy shopping?

I go on a big clothing shop around twice a year, and don’t tend to buy much in between (just a few small things if needed). I don’t really like shopping, but like to look polished.


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Barely ever, it's just not in my budget ATM

 Yeah me too. If I really need somethings kmart is my friend, and you can get mice things for a little.
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I dont really like shopping but i still buy clothes pretty regularly. Probably about 4 times per year i’ll actually go into the shops and try a few things on and spend about $300 - $500 and in between that i will buy a few things here and there online. Im a good shopper though, know the sales and never (or very very rarely) buy anything full price.

 I’m very much the same as you. We live a couple of hours from any shopping, and about 7 hours from decent shopping in our capital city. I try to make it there 2-3 times a year.
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I tend to take advantage of end of season sales and will buy 2-3 items.

Not as much as most people. I see people at the shops dropping hundreds of dollars on clothes like it's nothing & they do it regularly. It's like shopping is now some kind hobby. Oh look it's the weekend what should we do? Let's go to the shops & give the credit card a work out. It's sad.

 Yeah cos I’m sure that’s what people ACTUALLY do!
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 I work at a particular place & i see it with my eyes i don't really care if you believe me or not. 🖕
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 Do you see the same people every weekend do it? I live in a remote part of the country and I visit the city once or twice a year and when I do I go a bit crazy at the shops, because I hardly ever get the opportunity to shop.
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 I know 2 friends in my circle who are buying clothes all the time, popping them on their credit card. I often wonder if they didn't have access to credit would they consider spending as much. Personally I don't like too many choices in my wardrobe, and keeping up clothing our kids is enough to fork out for.
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 Yes the same people in the biz we call them regular customers
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I spend way to much (not more than we can afford), I love clothes shopping and have heaps of clothes, I buy clothes regularly.

 Me too but I only pay cash. If I dont have the cash then I cant have it.
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I hate shopping for clothes. I do it twice a year. Once before Christmas as I know I will be catching up with lots of family and friends. The other time is at the start of winter to top up on things needed for that season. Maybe spend about $100-$200 a year on my clothes just topping up on things when they need replacing/looking good for Christmas get together photos.

I only buy if I need something or if walking past a shop and see something nice that is affordable. So maybe a dozen things a year. I dont like shopping at all.

I hate clothes shopping - mainly because the change room mirrors give me a much needed reality check!
Went shopping for swimwear this morning, that was such a joy!

 Swimwear shopping is my least favourite thing to do
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$400 a month. But when pregnant.. i spend nothing until im back to my pre preg weight.

 Your wardrobe must be huge
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I absolutely HATE shopping for clothing. If I could live in a hessian sack, I would. I acknowledge this is not normal, but clothes shopping actually gives me anxiety. I hate the styles. I hate how they cling. I hate that I am spending money on things I hate. I hate how they look, and I hate that they wear out and I have to do it again 😂 I actually LIVE in my work uniform so only have to stress about the weekend, but even underwear is a nightmare for me. Bra size 14G - so few places have this available and the wire has just poked through on one side 😡. Hate hate hate shopping.

I don't have any interest in fashion, I find one thing I love and wear it endlessly until it falls apart! I shop quite rarely, usually when I need more of something (e.g. work pants, summer tops) cos the old ones are becoming unwearable. I usually buy from op shops or online shopping sales and would probably spend less than $100 a year on clothes for myself. I'm happy with that. I'm not bothered about how I dress as long as I'm decent and comfortable.
Probably a bit more than that on my kids, they do tend to wear out clothes and grow out of them quickly. I save things from older children to pass on to younger ones, and usually shop at op shops or online sales for them too.

I might buy a new jumper or work pants twice a year. I don't like clothes shopping, but I don't care about my appearance much. I feel like I'm always in work scrubs anyway. The kids probsbly get a new item of clothing or two about twice a year

 That's terrible. I think you need to get your kids more clothes more frequently. They grow fast. You don't have to buy new, op shops are fine but 4 new pieces, based on your answer, is simply not enough.
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