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MMF 3some / giving BJ to another guy?

Hubby is keen to make our sex life more exciting. We both have a bit of a fantasy of 3some's - and hubby gets really turned on by the idea of seeing me suck another guy off (and it turns me on too!).

Have any ladies here sucked another guy off with your husband knowing? (i.e. not cheating without his knowledge). How did you organise it? who was it with? What was it like??

Sorry if this is an odd question! Turned on by the idea but not sure what peoples experiences are or how to start off...


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Being honest my partner is bi sexual I love and accept him for who he is, occasionally he likes to indulge ambit will only ever indulge if I am there he gets a huge kick out of seeing me suck another man off, weirdly enough I enjoy it cause I know he enjoys it. Have a look at a site called grinder you can post a add and chat see if there is a connection and comfortable then meet

OP Here - to be clear, I'm not being asked to do something I dont want to! I am into the idea!