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Friend is having a child-free wedding in the middle of school holidays. Would this kinda piss you off?

We have 4 kids aged 7 to 13


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There is nothing I love more than a child free wedding!!!! And I have kids haha. Night off, dressed up, beautiful ceremonies, drinks, dancing. F**k yes!!!

 We generally go to 3 weddings a year, so hubby and I get to spend some alone time together (by alone I mean without the kids hanging off us) we love to dance together at weddings. We have one in November and can't wait :)
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Why would it piss you off? Their wedding, their choice. If you can’t go because you can’t find a babysitter tell them ASAP. It could even be that one or some of their friends or family have some kids who are undisciplined and are allowed to run around causing havoc, and it is just easier to say to everyone that they can’t bring their kids. It might not seem fair but they probably have a good reason for it.

 I agree that it's their choice, absolutely. Not going off about it, just seems like crap timing considering its a destination wedding on the Fraser coast and it wouldn't just be a one day event
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 You can't have no kids at a wedding if it's a destination wedding and expect people will go.
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 Hotels have kids clubs
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 During the day. Easier to just not go
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 So don't go
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 so don't go. they probably just assumed you wouldn't be able to anyway but invited you out of politeness, because if they didn't, you'd have had an attitude about that also.
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 It would have made more sense if you added the destination wedding part to the post. I agree that it would be inconvenient but there isn’t much you can do about it. Maybe they thought it would be easier for someone to find a babysitter over the school holidays instead of during the term. Maybe it was a bit cheaper. Maybe that day holds some special significance to them. It wouldn’t be much different to a weekend either.
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If it's not during the day on a weekday, I don't see how it makes a difference.

their wedding, their choice.
Maybe they can't afford to pay for everyones children as well

No because assuming since they are getting married they probably don't have kids (I know people have kids prior to marriage) so when they booked their wedding, probably 12 months ago, they didn't check if it was school holidays. Even if it wasn't school holidays you'd need to get a baby sitter.

 Their kid is 13
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 Right. So they want to go fir the school holidays because it suits them. Fair enough.
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I just wouldn't go. Or take the kids and tag team it for the day. Honestly weddings are boring so it will give you the excuse to only be there for a while.

 Totally agree!
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No. It’s her wedding not yours. Even though I have kids myself, it really pisses me off now so some parents expect others to always accomodate them.

 agree. Suddenly birthing a child means everyone has to put their considerations, thoughts and needs towards you.
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Nope!!! When I got married when I was 24 I had no kids at the reception. Kids were allowed at the Church. I was only young then and kids were not on my radar. But I would not be offended if I got invited to a wedding now and they said no kids.

Nup. It's their wedding. People get to call the shots about how their own weddings go. If you don't like it, don't attend.

No, it’s their choice. If it bothers you so much, don’t go.

I see where you're coming from but it's not like you're family. We went all the way to rarotonga for sil's wedding, our kids (who are the only children in the family) were not allowed to attend even the wedding ceremony. They were old enough to not cause trouble and both had been to weddings before including our own. The wedding was on the beach and Joe blogs who was swimming in the lagoon could stop and watch yet our kids weren't allowed. We ended up paying for one of the hotel staff to babysit and she wanted to bring them down to watch the ceremony which I asked her not too as it would have caused such a drama. We will never forget that she done that. Cost us 10k to go and her response was it was our choice to bring the kids ummmm couldn't really leave them at home by themselves!!!

 Wow! We ended up leaving our two with my parents to attend BIL's & SIL's wedding. Only to get there and find that there were kids there! I was annoyed about that!
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The couple want to relax with their friends and family. Not deal with their mates kids. Fair enough. Other people's kids are fu****g annoying at the best of times.

Would be kind of annoying especially if family and trying to find a babysitter

 I organised a baby sitter for all those who had to travel or just needed one. Or they had to do was leave their kids at my parents house. I paid for the sitter.
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 My friend organised a sitter and they were useless! Absolutely no idea how to handle a group of kids. So overwhelmed. There were so many issues and I mean serious issues! Most annoying part was that we didn't even know kids weren't welcome and there had been no mention of the sitter prior. All of a sudden the kids were just whisked away. Mine were with my husband when the bride came to take them or I would have said no. There was no reason for them not to be there. The adults were just talking and eating nibbles. If we had known we wouldn't have gone to the reception. I get the wanting to have a night off thing that so many parents seem to want but I don't see it that way. Weddings are family celebrations and kids make it so much more fun!
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 Also, to answer op's original question... Yes it does kind of annoy me as we have 3 kids to organise to leave with someone capable but I also understand why - that's 3 mouths they don't have to feed. So we either get a sitter or don't go. It's funny hearing the ppl that got married and had kids later complaining about what we had to do for their wedding.
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Given its a destination wedding, it makes perfect sense to me to do it during school holidays so that those coming can make a holiday with their kids out of it and just hire a sitter for the wedding or ship the kids off to grandma's for a few days without the hassle of needing to be places for school or activities, so parents can have a trip that's child free.