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Are you an influencer follower ?


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No. They're vapid toolbags who influence me to not follow them.

Nope find the whole thing bizzar to be honest I mean good for them if they can make money that easy but i prefer privacy.

A lady who I used to work for has done this with home styling for their children's room and clothes. Living such a fake life online. The thing that annoys me the most is when she speaks she says 'um' every third word so I don't watch her stories anymore. She's even been on morning television. She's always been pretty fake so I guess this suits her well.

I don’t but where are all the people who are? I have heard them exchanging names of influencers at the playground? Sure we are not all united in this SAHMs? :)

I didn’t even know what that was until i heard on the news about an aussie influencers complaining about hotel quarantine. I had to google it.

No. Its like following a revolving billboard - they get paid to tell you it's great. Why would I do that? It's stupid.