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Pregnant with twins naturally?

Has anyone become pregnant with twins just naturally and not having twins in the family either??
Really curious!


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Yes I have and so has my brother.
We both have identical twins which have no genetic connection.
Fraternal twins are the higher chance genetically.
Any identical twins will just be a one in a million shot

 (Actually it’s more like 1 in 260 I think lol. )
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Triplets ✋ no family history or medical intervention.

My step sister had fraternal twins with no twins in the family. She was told that there is more chance of it happening as a woman gets older as the body is trying to reproduce so it releases 2 eggs instead of 1. Not sure how true it is but that is what she was told

 Yes, I’ve heard it happens more often in older women. My sister in law had twins at age 36. No other twins on either side of the family.
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Oh I thought I was pregnant with twins cos I was sooo sick. But nope wasn’t to be.

I know a lass who is one of a fraternal twin, and had fraternal twins herself.

My cousin has identical twins. No history in either family. Her girls are gorgeous 😊

I’m an identical twin. But I think fraternal twins there is a genetic cause, and not identical. So No twins in my family before my sister and I.