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5 year old is having adenoid and tonsils removed and turbinates shaved down?

Have any of your children had this surgery? If so how was recovery? I’m so scared for my little girl. She’s going in on Monday to have this procedure and even though it’s a common procedure im so scared, worried and emotional. Can anyone shed some light on this!


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It's not as bad as you think. My daughter was totally fine, but day 5 she got quite sore. But we gave her strong pain killers and then she was fine. Get some ice cream, jelly etc and she will be fine. Also, prepare yourself for when they put her to sleep. No one told me they go all funny for about 10 seconds and it was horrible. She will act very weird, trying to climb around (a bit like a zombie) but it's over so quickly.
Good luck mum, I understand your worry but it will be ok. Xx

 I second the jelly and ice cream. I still remember how soothing it was, and how cornflakes, even soggy in milk, felt like eating sandpaper. (I was 6 when I had mine out).
But you will see her health improve out of sight afterwards, so look forward to that.

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 I also got the peaches in syrup. Full of sugar but she happily hate it and chicken noodle soup. Just the .45c packets from Coles. She lived off those 2 for about 8 days.
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 Ah how scary is that they go zombie like 😱
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 Also, in what ways does their health improve?
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My son had this done. When he was put under he just shook for a few seconds. like when you fall asleep too quickly and you dream you fall off a curb? Then he was fine.
When he woke up he was a bit out of it. He cried, didn't know where he was. They gave him pain meds and he was fine. He had ice cream, pudding, chocolate milk. He had toast the next day. Overnight there was some bleeding. Which is normal. When he got home the next day, he would wake crying because it hurt. But we gave him the strong meds for maybe 4 days. Then just kept with Nurofen, ibuprofen until the pain subsided.
Their breath will smell pretty horrible. If it doesn't go away in a few days, it could be an infection. Which my son had. So he needed antibiotics. Not every child gets it. Just something to be aware of.
I wish your daughter the speediest of recoveries! She'll be asleep the first night due to pain meds, but youll be up making sure she's okay! So sending lots of hugs! :)

My son zipped through - he had a sore throat for about two days - then he was fine. The younger they are - the quicker they bounce back. Your daughter will be just fine.

Recovery is easy you'll be surprised. Kids are a little groggy but give about a day and will come right.

Thanks everyone. She’s a pretty resilient little girl but I can’t help but worry. I’ll keep all these soft food ideas in mind.

 If she likes primas/juice boxes freeze them. Then cut the top off and let her eat with a spoon. My daughter loved them!
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