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Naked toddlers?

So we live in qld on the coast.
It's quiet normal to see naked kids on the beach especially toddlers my daughter is now 2 and a half so I'll usually have swimmers but every now and then we have impromteu beach swims where she either goes undies or naked

My sister was here this week and was horrified- and there was actually 2 other kids from seperate families in the nude too
As I said I now do avoid it most times now but I also don't stop her having a fun afternoon over it.
I'm certainly not going to change how we do it but because it's soo normal here I thought most people did it?
What age do you stop your child going naked/ did you ever?
She and I differ on almost everything but part of me also wondered if it was to do with the lack of "sun"clothes on her too as her kids are the ones swimmer in sunscreen hat long sleeves long shorts.
I know I usually lean on the minority when we have different parenting styles /decisions but I really thought most people did this?


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In public I wouldnt let my son go naked, in our back yard in the pool he has tuns of times, he is 2 as well but in saying that I wouldn't bat an eyelash at a 2 year old naked at the beach.

 This is the answer I feel I most relate to :)
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 Fair enough
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 Exactly the way I do it too
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We live on the QLD coast too but my kids have never been swimming naked. To many people with phones etc that I don't trust not to film my child. Maybe I am just paranoid or over protective.

 I live near the beach. Have lived here sense litle one was 1. She is 5. And occasionslly still splashes in the waves butt naked. She always have.
However our beach is pretty deserted. When theres a beach full of people NO WAY. Howver wouldnt care if i saw named kids. Being naked is so natural & id honestly go naked more often if there wasnt so many judgemental people in the world.

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 Sorry not sure why my comment came up under yours. Was meant to be a new comment down bottom
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I will never understand why you would show your child genitals to the world? What if someone takes a picture or has other horrible thoughts? The child can't defend itself.
Let them go naked in the backyard but put some clothes on in public!

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Sorry, too many dirty perverts out there for my liking these days. So would have to say I'm against this. Just my opinion.

I wouldn't not swim because you don't have bathers. Nudey is fine for a 2year old.

Hi there, I have no problem with seeing a child naked and having a fun little splash and It's each parents choice for sure, but I am so paranoid with my own kids. My husband was a lifeguard for four years during uni and the amount of filthy perverts they caught or called the police on due to filming/taking photos of children was shocking.

 This is why the YMCA now have a no undress policy on pool deck.
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Dark-skinned tones are just as susceptible to the dangers of UV rays as fair. As lon as you're protecting them from the sun, if nudity is what you do, do it. Just watch for pervos.

My concern at naked kids is their poor skin so exposed to the sun.

I'm from the QLD coast too. Yes, it's 100% normal here maybe your sister is just used to where ever she's from? The only reason my daughter wears swimmers, rashie, hat is because we are lilly white and burn to a crisp! We can't really have spur of the moment swims. Do what you want to do, I give no judgement or second thought to a little nudie in the surf. You're just lucky you can do it :)

 Lol so I'm not the odd one out...haha my daughter is mixed so she has beautiful caramel skin so we get away with it :)
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 I'm sad that you asked this on here because all these self righteous, know it all mums are going to make you doubt yourself. Don't listen to them. They'll probably turn into crazy old cat women afraid to open their front doors one day. The best thing about living in QLD is the lifestyle and going with the flow.. You want to swim nude, you swim nude!
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 Oh it doesn't bother me at all. :) I was just curious cod all my friends do it and yeah I always see kids naked at the beach so I was surprised when my sister mentioned it. But I can see a fair few people think the same , to each their own :)
And yeah how lucky are we?! Hehe best place to raise kids

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I think I'm a bit like you OP. Let them be free while they still can be. I live on the wa coast and it's not uncommon to be the only person on the beach around here, and if there are others then some perve with a phone pointed directly at someones kid is going to stand out.

If you can carry suncream you can carry undies. Your butt cheeks are extremely vunerable to melenomas because they don't usually see much sun. Go to bryon......the parents sometimes go nude too

 We're not too far from Byron 😜 and I don't put sunscreen on her very often as it is. She has strong skin and I just try to stay out of the middle of the day... (Cue more judging 😝)
We do have undies and swimmers in the car always but some days in summer we can go to 4 different beach trips.
I was only asking cos I thought it was normal and my sister got so full on up about it - I was curious via all I see at the beach/lagoons here is naked toddlers.
But I can see now it's a divided topic :) fair enough i was just curious

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Wow well I guess I am the weird mom. I live in America and have no issue with my kids that are 3 and under being naked at the beach or lake. I get looks sometimes and that’s fine. I guess I take the ancient approach, it was only a little over a couple hundred years ago that children under 3 never really wore clothes at all. Just look up some paintings. I’m sure there where perverts then too. Actually they where probably harder to spot then, then they are now. Plus it’s not like I am leaving my kid alone naked with a bunch of strangers. I am right there watching and trust me if anyone did anything inappropriate it would be easily spotted and I would confront it immediately. I think this is acually why people are so against it. It’s not a pervert or sun exposure. It’s there own uncomfortableness about it. Like they don’t know if they should look or not. While my answer to that is get over it. After about 5 min you don’t even notice it anymore and start to see that a nudity booty is not that big of a deal

I have i a son of that goes naked all the time at the beach but we stopped that when he was 3 years old the kidloves it. just make sure you put him in undies by age 3. So that way he will understand the real world. Oh and before doing potty training it is a great idea so he pees in the ocean.and no diapers needed until we leave the beach.

Too much risk of sunburn for my kids. But don't care what others do