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Tell me how you manage

My budget has been out about $200 each fortnight for the last month and a bit. Some of it annual bills that have come in, but even after cancelling some small monthly donations I'd been making to charities, I'm still behind and I'm having to cut into the very small amount of savings I'd been working on. Luckily I did Xmas shopping months back or there would be no Xmas here.
How have you gotten thru tough, tight times? I'm not feeling very positive right now and need inspiration


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I think you should congratulate yourself on being so organised for Christmas in advance and being on top of the budget so well. Because of your careful planning, your family aren't missing out on Christmas even though you've had a few curve balls!
If you're hosting any family, nothing wrong with asking them to bring some of the food and drink.
A blog called my Abundant life has some good plans for Christmas meals and such on a low income.
Also - looking at income - anything that can pop on to gumtree for a few extra bucks? Something you're kids have outgrown or don't use might be a bargain present for someone else.

Like someone else had already said, give yourself a huge congratulations on actually doing a budget and preparing for Christmas early.
I know this isn’t going to help you immediately get through the next few weeks, but looking forward to the coming year and sticking to your budget. Try your best to live in only 80% of your income. Save 10% and give 10%. Contact all your providers for electricity, internet, gas etc, and ask for better deals. If you like to buy a coffee while out, stop.
In the short term, live off what you have in your freezer and pantry and skip a week of buying groceries. Have a look around and see what items you can sell.
On weeks you might have a little extra money add a $10-$20 gift card to your weekly shop and put it away for those weeks you’re a little short.

Well done for having christmas sorted already. I am in awe of you just for this. I was going to say that there doesn't seem to be much advice I can offer as you seem to have everything under control but you mentioned in one of your comments that you don't really budgeted .

I manage the budget by making a list of all the bills I have to pay on a monthly basis and compare that to how much money we recieve on a monthly basis. I go through the my bank account and record how much money I am actually spending and on what. That can be an eye opener. Then you need to allocate money. For example, we recieve $5,500 a month in wages and $880 in rent. $882 goes on mortgage, $662 on a personal loan, $1,400 in rent, $160 on phone and optus. That makes $3104 and leaves us $3276. From there we allocate a budget for food, car expenses, utilities, fun etc. We know how much we spend on each month.

Have a look through your stuff, is there anything you are not using that you could sell to tide you through? You can put it on Gumtree or marketplace. Can you go through your utilities and look for a better deal?

I get annoyed when we dont save 4k minimum a month. I really lack perspective don't I. We have budgeted for 10 years. We have two children under 6 and a mortgage. Budgets are great.

Got 3.5 years of mortgage repayments in the bank all because of a good budget.

Both of us work and its still hard to keep up with bills so hats off to mums at home. There are a lot of fixed cost bills, utilities charge you a base cost just to be connected.

I'm not sure because i'm looking for some too lol. I was feeling really positive about our financial situation (not amazing but everything was on the right track). But one thing happens, then another, then another, then another. i've still got a few things to finish up for xmas & people are coming to stay after xmas. I'm ready to throw my hands & say i'm done. Everyone gets a half arsed xmas & after we'll all living on baked beans on toast. It think it's this time of year. A bunch of other worries on top of all the rest you have week to week during the year.

Were in a similar position. Hubby and i have decided that right after xmas we're doing a financial makeover whether we like it or not. We havent given our budget much thought over the past couple of years but we've since realized its something we should be looking at a every 6 months or so.

OP I only started doing a budget these last few weeks because I was finding I had to keep taking money out of my savings account. I think the whole year I've been living paycheck to paycheck without much thought about anything! It's scary when you start to actually examine how you live 😂
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How many kids has everyone got ?

 1 & done
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 2 and that is it.
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