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Terrible at interior design.

So I want to change up my lounge room but I'm real shit. I love the modern style, natural, light pastel colours etc. I have cream carpet (huge mistake I know) what kind of rug would suit do you think? We have light grey couches and the rest (coffee table etc) we will replace. Any help would be much appreciated haha.


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 Pinterest is my go to for pretty much everything
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If you really think you will stuff it up, check out hiring an interior designer. Some of them will do single rooms,
I have been told they are worth the money, and to be truthful, I wish I had done that with my house re-do.
Its a knack some people have and some dont, especially colour selection, which can make all the difference to the whole look.

Join the fb group mums who decorate

 Can’t find this..
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 Do you have a link
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 Also on FB - Home Decorating Mums, closed group so ask to join
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Pinterest is really good worth joining but if you don't want to just Google cream carpet grey couch & select images