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Crowd funding for Christmas presents

My cousin has set up a crowd funding for Christmas presents and asked us to donate. She smokes, drinks and just got a new tattoo. I said no, as did my siblings, but now my Aunty is sending us all messages constantly asking us to help her out because she is a single mum on the pension and can’t afford Christmas, where as we are all either double income or in my sister’s case make sacrifices to be a SAHM. How can I politely tell my Aunty to go f*%# herself and her daughter can do the same? We are growing tired of all the messages.


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Tell your Aunty 1) “thanks for letting me know. I will look into it and talk to dh about it”. 2) “yes I saw it. What a great idea! Just need to talk to dh first” 3) “it is set up so well! DH said I should set one up for our family too - can you help us set one up too?” 4) “I can’t believe everyone has been so stingy giving us donations - did you guys get many?”

It’s easier for everyone to have these responses but it’s pretty hard when it’s ur own family; saying from experience. You don’t want to hurt them, and make them cut contact with you directly. Someone can always tell you what to do easily but pretty different actually being there.
You have to decide what you want to do. Donate $5 or If you don’t want to, lie and say money is tight and you only just managed to get all your own kids presents by saving. Tell your aunt you are sorry but your daughter needs to do the same. It’s not a highly offensive thing to say. It’s also not telling her to go get fu***d.
Anyway whatever you choose to do, goodluck!!

Tell her you would donate but have your eye on a tattoo you want instead.

Your cousin should be ashamed of herself. How rude. Tell your aunt that you would help but it cuz needs to help herself first. Maybe aunty doesn't know what she's up to

I've told you no, and I find it extremely rude of you to keep asking. If you ask again I will block your number so you can no longer contact me.

I would say go f**k yourself and not even bother trying to be polite. How absolutely scummy of them. After finding out how much single mums get off centrelink I don’t buy into this while ‘I’m a single mum doing it tough’ bullshit

 1100 ish a fortnight take out rent for wherever they live could be 600+ then there's bills and fuel etc if they have a car, ongoing stuff probably is hard but it's also not hard to put 20 away a week or whatever and go to Kmart you can get a whole lot for a little
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 Single parent benefit is not a lot and it can be difficult with lots of sacrifices but I agree with this point. I get what my kids need and dont whinge to everyone with ears.
Sounds like the cousin is a bludger who doesn't sacrifice so her kids get Christmas presents. Think ahead and plan. I saved for 6 months to make sure I could buy for my 3. It's called being responsible.

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No way. That’s so bad.
It’s a firm no - or you’ll be doing it every year. I would buy her children a small gift each anyway. Is your mum or dad (whoever the aunt is siblings with) able to tell their sister to back off? Might be more powerful coming from them.

I’m sure she is aware that Xmas comes around once a year, so unless there was some kind of catastrophe like her house burning down then zero sympathy. I’d probably buy her kids something nice, but I wouldn’t be contributing to a crowd fund because she can’t save and puts her own wants first.