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Kids ear piercing

Hi ladies,
To the experienced mummas that have pierced their kids’ ears, do you have any advice for me, a first time mum who has been harassed by my 7 year to get hers done for about 2 years now. Ive heard tattoo places are better than chemists, do you agree?? Thank you for any help.


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I took my daughter to a piercing specialist when she was 7. They told me her lobes hadn’t dropped down enough so if they did a piercing, they would look uneven as my daughters ears developed. Asked me to come back in 6 months. We did, but they still wouldn’t do it. They took the time to explain why her ears still weren’t ready. Six months later she was good to go. Perfectly aligned and no pain. I appreciated the fact that the lady wanted it done right.

As a piercer at a chemist and I pierced my daughter's, make sure if your child has a thicker lobe to get them to pierce with a longer stud. If they say they don't have them get them to order them in or go elsewhere.
And honestly I wouldn't even go to a chemist. Despite me having training and what not, go to someone who uses the needle and has experience with kids, a needle may be a bit longer but is less trauma to the piercing site

I got all 3 of my kids done with the gun about 2 years ago It was an actual piercing place but she still used the gun for them. The tattoo place where I live doesn't have an actual qualified piercer, just a girl with a needle and a YouTube tutorial. I don't know how she's still in business, she has messed up so many people's piercings, goes through nerves, doesn't sterilize so everyone who goes there ends up with infections. And the bloke that owns the tattoo shop just let's her do it. My kids didn't mind the gun, the oldest jumped, middle child let out an "ow" when it went through and youngest didn't even flinch. Youngest did get infected, but I switched her to hypoallergenic earrings and she's been fine since. (I spoke to the lady that pierced them and this is what she suggested as she had used stainless steel ones and I also have allergies). I had mine done over 20 years ago with the gun and I've had no issues with mine either. I was old enough that I remember freaking out and crying and then it actually happened and I was like "oh, that wasnt so bad" lol. I also have my nose done about 2 months ago and that was done with a gun and I didn't feel a thing and my belly button pierced about 10 years ago with a needle. That freaking hurt lol