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International adoption?

Has anyone adopted overseas? I want to hear everyone’s stories.


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my aunt adopted two children from Chile. Your best bet is to speak with the lawyer handles international adoption. There are successes and horror stories just like any way of creating a family. The more you prepare yourself the better your chance for success

 Good advice. I had friends that did surrogacy and part of the process was they had to do counselling together and separate so they were well prepared for whatever may happen
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I have a friend with an 8 year old from Cambodia. She would love to do it again - but told me they don't have the $65,000 to do it again. I'm not sure what that figure includes, but I must admit I was shocked it was so expensive.

 Sorry, I should have said the child is 8 now - but has been with them for about 6 years.
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 So you have to buy a child?
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 It’s paperwork

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