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Im in a big rut, majorly unmotivated. How do i get out of this funk?

Not working as i got made redundant last year. All my kids are in high school. I hate studying. I don't have any talents, hobbies or passions. Hubby is away a lot for work. Everyone keeps 'praising' and 'admiring' me on how i cope doing everything and saying how busy i must be. Truth is, im bored out of my brain! My life is literally washing, housework, shopping, cooking, running kids around and the occasional catch up for a cuppa with a friend etc. I need a purpose, goal, things to look forward to. I need to be busy, have structure and deadlines and time frames. I feel so 'blah'


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Exercise it will keep you motivated and meet some people. Meeting new people could lead to a work opportunity. You will find you will have more energy and the change of routine at home could give you ideas of what you want are interested in doing.

I’m in same situation. Decided to do a short course. I hated it. I haven't studied since school so it was hard for me. I feel I got nothing out of it. I’m looking for work in that field but not really motivated because if I hated the course, surely I’ll hate the job. Oh well....sigh,,,,..

Volunteer work might be just what you need. There are a lot of different things you can do and you are sure to find something that suits your lifestyle and interests.