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Do you hug your girlfriends husbands/partners???

Meaning when u first see them or saying goodbye?? Or just for special occasions?? Birthdays weddings etc etc


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I was a hugger in my 20s but not anymore. I guess shit gets weird when everyone starts getting married. Married women start looking at single girls like they're the enemy...sorry shazza i don't want to f**k your husband i've just known him since I was 12.

My husband is a hugger, he hugs any friend I introduce him to. Some women are a little taken aback at first, you can see on their face they're thinking "is this ok?" but
he'll hug their husbands or my man friends too when they go in for a handshake he's like.. surprise!

 Haha. Love it. The world needs more hugger ❤️
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Always, but they are the husband of my best friends, not other friends, and I’ve kniwn them forever. I also see them only once or twice a year as I live interstate. My girlfriends do the same to my husband too. We think nothing of it as we are all so genuinely pleased to see one another. They are good men and treat their wives/my best friends with ultimate respect and love. I love that.

I love hugging my husband.
Other than that i never instigate hugs but i will hug back if someone hugs me, i won't just stand there like a dead fish cause that would be awkward AF.

No, but if they hug me i hug back. I recently realised how unaffectionate us aussies are when I went to a wedding in Ireland and every one we met hugged us. Maybe thats how they keep warm I don't know 😂. But it was lovely.

 Yes my husband is Brazilian and Iv become a kisser/hugger. It's my go to freezing now even if I don't know someone, which means I always give my friends husband a kiss on the cheek
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 I went to a women in business dinner recently where none of knew each other but we knew OF each other, people were so huggy! I got more hugs than at a family reunion lol by the end I found myself initiating hugs to strangers, it was nice though.
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Yep, unless we see each other a lot.. like daily hugs are a bit odd haha oh my best friends husband is home from work but I saw him yesterday too..., give us a cuddle buddy!

I hate a hug with anyone who is not my immediate family. Even then sometimes im like this is too much. I dont think its a sexual thing i just dont want to hug them because i dont like it. If they initiated i would hug back from politeness not sexual desire. The only people i truely enjoy a good cuddle with are my kids and hubby. I hate the cheek kiss even more

Nope - but I'm NOT a hugger.
Wouldn't really bother me if another woman hugged my husband socially. It's usually only a quick thing when saying hello or goodbye. If it was lingering and there was back rubbing etc I might get worried though!

I don’t. My friends probably wouldn’t mind if I did, but I just don’t feel right about it. In the past I’ve been accused of wanting a friends partner just because I hugged him and got along well with him. I never want that to happen again. I don’t mind friends hugging my husband.

Some of them, yes. And some of my girlfriends hug my husband. It’s dependent on how well we know each other, and if they are huggers or not. I mean, I’ve only ever hugged my BIL once, on my wedding day. He’s not the hugging type at all.

I hug my besties husband. I had to stop hugging some male friends when I go back to my hometown especially now I am single. The women (in general even if the partner/ wife is not there) act like I want to shag them. Other women swoon in talking about the partner/wife as if I am ripping the blokes cloths off!

I don’t, the only time I have hugged my friends husband was when she announced her pregnancy. I was so happy for them because they had been trying for ages and They had had a few losses so they were really excited to be having another baby.

I had lunch with an old friend and his fiancée a few months ago. I hadn’t seen them since they got engaged as they moved away. When we first saw each he went for a hug so I hugged back. His fiancée didn’t like that at all. You could just see the look on her face.

Yes, only my two best friends husbands though. I get a kiss on the cheek too. They always initiate it though- I wouldn’t think to cos I’m not a hugger, but I’m not going to shove them away lol 😂

No, I'm not a hugger though. My kids and Grandma are the only people I ever hug.