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Hubby and I are going to Brisbane next month for a little weekend away (we're in melb) I'm looking for a nice restaurant, I don't care on price but looking for good meat. We're big meat eaters, fine cuts etc (cue the angry vegans lol). Please tell me of some places.


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Navala Eagle St

 Yes! Defs this place if you are meat lovers. Churassco dining - the bomb!
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Cha cha char. Haven’t been there in a while but it’s always been amazing anytime I’ve been.

 I can second cha cha char their meals are really tasty
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Gold Coast not far but QT BAZAAR AMAZING! Or Navala Churrascaria in Brisbane all you can eat also! Heaps of meat!! Love both of them my favourites

OP Thankyou, sounds great!
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Check out Blackhide Steakhouse. They have won some great awards. Their meals are absolutely amazing!

The Vine in NewFarm has the best eye fillet. I go there just for that every time i am in the city

Eagle pier has great options

OP Perfect, thanks so much
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Morrison hotel best steak

 Yes and central location (south bank area)
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OP Thanks so much :)
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