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Why do people act like they're perfect?

The world be a better place if everyone showed their flaws.


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Flaws are unacceptable in our society. If you show them, you’re showing you’re not good enough.

People are so narcissistic and self absorbed these days

I think it’s insecurity. It take a huge amount of bravery to be genuine and show people your flaws or perceived weaknesses. We live in a very judgmental world, and I suppose sometimes it’s easier to pretend rather than risk rejection.

The only time I ever really felt like a fit in anywhere was when I was trying to portray myself as perfect, everyone brought it too but then something happened to me & i couldn't keep the charade anymore it was too draining, i had so much going on internally. Don't really feel like i've ever fit in since. I feel like all anyone sees are my flaws now. I try to be to be positive but it's alot harder these days.

Maybe the things that you deem as flaws other people just see as a part of life. My life isn't perfect, I'm not perfect but I don't have any major flaws and I am pretty content with who I maybe not everyone is acting, maybe they are confident with who they are!

The more insecure I feel, the more confident I act. Also, the more miserable I feel, the more I talk up the positives as a way to stop me feeling depressed. It’s self medication.

 Really? That is so interesting and insightful. I’m sure we all do in to a degree, but are you actually aware of this? This is probably why people listen when I open up to my flaws as they are actually going through similar but are just self medicating.. thank you, really helpful!
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I’m scared to. I show a lot of flaws, but I often find the time or place doesn’t suit me to be more open and vulnerable. Everyone is so happy, apparently, that it’s not exactly good for me to start crying about my current crap