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Christening gift

We are invited to a 1 yr old boys christening and have no idea what to get for a gift, we are not religious ourselves but respect that they are and also on a budget. So my questions is wat is something nice we can get for a gift? Open to all ideas.


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A really cute book. I love 10 little fingers and 10 little toes. Reading it to the baby after a really shitty day makes me realise how much you love them and tomorrow is another day.

 My sister bought that book for my daughter and I absolutely love reading it, it's my daughters favourite book too.
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Take photos of everything on the day, and print them off and album them for the family. I always regret the lack of photos at our events. It's so hard to host and take care of kids and try to get photos.

A book. Leave the religious items and keep sakes for the family to buy.

You can get lots of trinket type gifts from newsagents. Pop in and you will probably find a huge selection. This time of year they bring out lots of stock

Children's bible or children's prayer books, nice Peter rabbit or bunnikins plate and bowl set, children's clock, nice outfit,

A nice necklace with a cross. Our son got one for his christening - more as a keepsake but he does wear it sometimes now that he's a bit older

-Bookends or some children's story storybooks (old favourites like The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Possum Magic, Where is the Green Sheep?, Wombat Stew etc).
-a nice outfit
-an embroided towel and washer set

We got a couple of nice photo frames at our daughter's one, which we still use.