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Most people claim they're happy but don't know how to laugh anymore. Are they saying & acting they're happy? Social media etc - only happy sunshine filled pics here, nothing real, nothing raw.

Everyone's offended by the slightest thing. Has Australia lost it's sense of humour? When is the last time you laughed- belly laughed?? Tell me


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Social media depicts the life people want but not necessarily have. People WANT everyone else to think their lives are just peachy

I think this is a bit dramatic. I'm happy most of the time, not all day everyday but at least most of everyday. I still get offended by things though.. Maybe what one person finds funny another doesn't though?

Laughed hard watching a movie last night. I don't do heavily posed or filtered photos. There's probably only happy ones on Facebook, but I'm happy like 90% of the time, so they are real. If I'm upset and crying I'm not thinking about taking a photo so of course there aren't any like that.

My sister in law is a selfish grumpy cow and Facebook she looks happy

I belly laughed a few days ago when I watched this video called ‘adults on the playground’. It was on the back of another video I watched of a ram charging another ram and clipping a car instead. The ram wasn’t hurt because it backed up and continued its charge.

Answered by SAHM Staff

I must admit the last time I belly laughed it was at one of my kids doing something that I warned them not to - its funny seeing them discover the consequences (obviously not injuring themselves :P)

I laughed at my husband because he does this really good impression of Matthew McConaughey- he sounds EXACTLY like him so much so it freaks me out a little. He did it the other day in the car unexpectedly & yes there were belly laughs.