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Have a good day

Does it mean fuck off and leave me alone ?


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When i was working retail & i depised a customer & I was about to be rid of them, I'd put on my happy as f**k fake smile & tell them to have a nice day.

 And I bet they walked out and muttered under their breath “ rude bitch”.
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 Yeah......that would have been devastating.... i'm not sure how I would have gone on knowing that 🙄
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 YOU make sure you have a nice day 😁
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If someone does something nice for me or says something nice to me I always say have a good day. Because nice people should have a nice day.

The lady at Coles said this to me today. I didn't take it as anything else but have a good day

 She might be sincere. Most of the time I was but for those special customers (you know the ones) i wasn't sincere at all.
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Lol, yeah i think it does, just like when someone says ‘No, thank you’ when you offer then food, it actually means, ‘Fuuuucccckkkkk OFF, ewwww, no way, i dont want that crap!’

 Umm no it doesnt
No thankyou means,
“ no im full thanks” or
“ no thanks, i dont feel like it” or
“No thanks, im watching what im eating” or
“ no thanks, maybe i will have some later

Open ur mind

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Yes Mum

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No it does not!!
Unless u are an idiot then it does

I better let you go means f**k off

 No it doesnt!!
I say that and def dont mean that

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