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Which brand/where donyou buy underwear from?!

I want to buy decent underwear that will last a few years, but the bonds underwear I bought only 18months ago isn't holding up very well (hence the need to replace it now!) I also have cheaper best n less underwear that hasn't been too bad, yet still hasn't held up. Do they just not make decent clothes to last anymore?!?! Do you have to replace underwear so frequently? I swear I used to be able to wear some pairs for over 5 years before I even considered replacing them :-(


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I get my 'sexy' undies from big w- they have a decent range even for bigger ladies, and their el cheapos aren't too bad either

I go to bras and things for my good undies. I have some that are 4 years old that will need to go soon because they are starting to lose their elasticity. I have Kmart ones for my period undies though, at $1 a pair I don't care if they only last 6 months because of stains or wearing out.

I have just recently brought ladie tradie undies. They are so comfty. I'm not sure how long they will last.

 I also bought the ladies Tradie underwear, they are so comfy!
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Intimo - they are a bit pricey $20 to $30 but they last for years

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Thanks everyone. I just don't want to spend like 20 dollars on bonds again if they arent going to last! No one sees my arse anyways. Think I will just stick with the cheapies and buy more frequently instead. Such a horrible state of society. Everything is so disposable now :'(

 I used to buy Bonds too, but the last lot I bought the quality was so bad!
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I wear men's undies. No wedgies, no adjusting & comfy.

18 months for jocks is pretty good lol!!! I buy new undies whenever they are on sale and ditch the old ones... they really arent expensive. Couldnt imagine wearing the same pair for that long...

 What brands arent expensive? The decent brands all seem to be about $25 - $30 now!
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I wear nearly all bonds. I like that they are cotton and comfy and cute designs, im not really a lace person.
What you are saying I have also read on other sites, the quality has gone down hill. I think I will try other brands next

I get my cheap ones from Cotton On. The more exy ones I get from Bras N Things when on sale. 😉

Try Boody - bamboo underwear. I have been slowly replacing all my old undies with these. Super comfy, about $10 each and enviromentally friendly and fair trade. The absolute best I have found.

I like Kayser, they're expensive but worth it, I used to buy them at DJ's, our local store doesn't stock them anymore. I've recently bought el cheapos at Best & Less some last, some don't, I can only wear cotton.

Hanes underwear are good and they last for a long time. Plus i like that more then just one pair come in the package. Walmart or other stores that sale clothes sale them.

 We don't have Walmart here...
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Ive got Spa undies from Target ($6 each). They should last 3-4 years but I think they only come in black