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Do you pee in the shower

I do. Hubby and I shower together and still pee in there, no shame. Just read a sahm article saying it saves water and TP.


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I never used before i had a baby & i try not to but sometimes im so busy its easier to multitask

 Lol yes to this!!! Hahahaha I hate it but I’ve done it a couple of times to multitask recently too, so much quicker ha
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Saves 14 L of water (that’s what one flush can use) I know you don’t need to flush every pee

 If it's yellow, let it mellow, if it's brown, flush it down
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 As a kid, my friends parents had this rule... their house stunk and I hated going there
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 Yeah my general rule is toilet has to be flushed before going to bed so it's not sitting there all night, and after your morning pee cause that usually smells more, then every 2-3 toilet trips. I don't want a toilet full of pee all day if no-one poops.
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 I always leave my pee overnight.
I get annoyed when men flush the toilet before peeing. I notice it with my dad, my son and my boyfriend and it makes me angry!

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Yep, straight into the drain though, I don't let it flood the shower floor 🤢

Not intentionally, if I really need to go while I'm i'm in there then sure..

 Same, but not if there's someone in there with me 🤣
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As soon as I hear th at work after, I have to. Makes no difference if I use the toilet right before my shower or not