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I have a friend who talks about his ex all the time. Just wondering why?

He is married with kids but every time we seem him/them he will mention his ex and tell stories about when they were together - some quite intimate. He says this stuff infront of his wife too and she's never very impressed. But it is literally every time we see him and no matter what we are talking about he always has a story that involves her/them. He doesn't seem to have anywhere near as many stories about his wife/them. He's been with his wife for 15 years and broke up with his ex well before that. I just dont get why he talks about his ex so much and why she still seems to be very much at the front of his thoughts. I asked a male friend if he thinks about his ex and he said no, hadnt in years. I asked why and he said he's happy with the life he has now. Makes me wonder if this other male friend isnt happy in his life and is remembering old times when he was happy? Does anyone else do this or know someone who does and why? Do those memories stay that clear over time for men?


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This guy has a death wish. I thinks it says that he doesn't care about his wife at all cause if he did he wouldn't do it. I don't know how she puts up with that, I wouldn't. He sounds like he would be a real sleazebag.

How long were they together? Did they travel together or go to lots of concerts etc? Could be just that he has some great memories from a good time of his life and because he was with her she is part of it. My partner was with his ex for 15 years so he does have stories from when they were together, they were together such a long time and did quite a bit together. You can't expect people to just not talk about their memories just because it involves an ex, it could be a massive chunk of his life.

 This is my post! They were together maybe 2-3 years straight out of high school and a bit of year 12.
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Yeah weird. Obviously nostalgic for her and prob his youth

 But so disrespectful to his current wife, to go on about it in public in front of her. If I was her I would be concerned about his feelings for me.
And worried about what he would do if she suddenly came back into his life, wanting him back.
Do other males in the group of friends think its a bit off ?
One of them needs to give him some feedback about what their wives would say or do if they went on like that in front of them, and in public.

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 Oh don't worry I agree it's so disrespectful! When I was a teenager I remember my friends dad used to do this in front of her mum and talk about sexual things he had done with his ex as a teen I thought it was disgusting and so disrespectful to his wife.
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