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What do you kids listen to music on?

My 7yo loves music and we normally listen to music through Spotify or YouTube. He wants to be able to listen to music in his bedroom but I don't want to give him the ipad and him use it in his bedroom. What are my other options? I have an old ipod but want to avoid having to load all the music for him. How do your kids listen to music?


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Could you get a Bluetooth speaker so the device stays out of his room?

Bluetooth speakers from Apple Music on our computer or YouTube

My kids have a Google home mini each for music and to check the time or date etc

Not what kind of music, what kind of device? My son wants to listen to music in his bedroom but I don't want him in there with the ipad so need another option for streaming music

 Bluetooth speaker, keep the device with you. Set up playlists etc and just press play 👍
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