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Would you eat food when you’d seen the chef handling it with his bare hands?

I went out for dinner and could see in to the kitchen. The chef was handling absolutely everything with his bare hands - salad, pieces of chicken, a cake. He didn’t use tongs or gloves once. He didn’t seem to wash his hands in between although it did look like he was wiping them on a tea towel. It just seemed really gross. Thoughts?


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How does it make you feel knowing that this has been happening all your life? Has it killed you yet? No so get over it

Ah don't be so precious! Not like he was picking his nose then touching your food.
Of course chefs use their hands! You'd be complaining more if he was using his feet.
You can always cook for yourself

it happens with almost everything you eat when you eat and restaurants

Wearing gloves is a pain on the arse. I’ve watched chefs assemble dishes with bare hands but they’ve been main meals he was dishing up. I’m sure they don’t handle raw chicken then touch your chocolate cake. If a salmonella outbreak occurred or food poisoning, the restaurant would be closed and investigated. Surely the chef wouldn’t risk his job like that.

Thats what chefs do and i guarantee he washed his hands.. you are assuming and making it into something when its nothing

I think it’s absutely disgusting! My husbands a chef and we own 2 restaurants in Brisbane, if you knew the state of some kitchens and lack of hygiene you’d gag!! Luckily my husband is an absolute clean freak and staff wear gloves the whole time, we have different chopping boards for meat and vegetables ect. A full clean down and disenfect is done every single night. Not very restaurant is bad but most are, it’s why we rarely eat out lol

I wouldn’t care normally but during corona they should be more cautious.

Yes because they all do it. I’ve worked as a hospitality manager since 2010 and in various venues. They’re extremely hygienic always washing their hands and always handle food

Stay home

 I will be from now on!
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Oh my dear girl, if you honestly knew how much food preparation was done with bare hands, you would be completely gobsmacked. Please return to living under a rock so you can continue to enjoy going out to cafes /bars / restaurants etc. .

 Yes, but we are in the midst of a pandemic. More precautions should be taken.
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 Nope, just nope. This is gross. Why not just use tongs?!? Plus as the lady above said we are living with COVID now, normal rules don’t exactly apply.
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