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My husband is fussy with tidiness and dishes on sink inc clean I am due to have our first baby is 24 weeks and I am worried how I will cope and our relationship

How did you and your partner adjust to having a baby in the house ?


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My husband is a neat freak, and everything must be in place. When we had our first he struggled with the mess, he complained once, I just said as you can see im doing this then that, then I'm going to have a nap, but you are welcome to clean up yourself.
We now have three and the house hasn't been tidy in 7 years, he got used to it.

 Difference between untidy and a pigsty
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 The point is if it bothers him, he knows where the mop is.
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I really feel for you. Once you have that baby, it will be your first priority over cleaning dinner dishes etc.
In time, you will learn to juggle both, as keeping the house clean will keep you organised, sane and the whole family happy and healthy.
However, he will need to lower his expectations for this to work.
Having a baby changes everything and no two days are the same. Some days your on top of the world and got meals ready for the week, clean house, washing put away, etc other days you are sleep deprived, Havnt had a shower for days or forgot to eat all day because of whatever bubs kept you busy with.
It's important for your partner to show support by being compassionate, loving, understanding and even use his own initiative to help you by doing the dishes
even if he's been at work all day.
I hope you both find your way to common ground. At this stage in your journey, he should be more concerned about keeping you comfortable and healthy and doing what he can to help, rather than a dirty dish on the sink... good luck

 Goodness, I missed many showers over the baby years. Super common if you have a fussy baby and no-one available to pass the baby to.
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 Dude I sometimes still miss them now and I have teenagers! Sometimes I'm so tired and the day is so busy, and I know I can have one in the morning, and so far I haven't died
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 Don’t understand missing showers. Babies do sleep. I know not a lot sometimes haha, but they do sleep. Takes 2 minutes to have a quick shower as soon as that baby nods off. For me, showering comes before cleaning the house.
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 I'd be sleeping while baby sleeps, not showering 😂
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 I don't understand how anyone can skip showers, I feel disgusting if I don't have one.. you can take 5 minutes from start to finish and still feel 100% better and babies are portable.
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Make him do it all and then see how fussy he is. That’s really not fair on you, it’s bloody hard having a newborn. We lived on frozen meals for the first few months with our second. Between endless feeding, bottle cleaning and barely any sleep there is just no time for anything for a while

Go out for breakfast on partners day off with bubs and tell hubby you cook tonight and wash dishes
I would talk to my GP and take it from there

Do up a roster. Have one clean room in the course you can escape yo