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A girl I know (she is single) said that she is about to go through IVF and she is getting it for free.
I always thought it was at least $10,000. I also thought there was a criteria (like being in a relationship, prove you can support the child et).
Please note... I don't have anything against single parents or anything, I'm genuinely curious.


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Definitely not, and never has been free. About 6 yrs ago the Medicare rebates were pretty generous, but every year the lessen the rebates, nowadays u'd be out of pocket $8-10k or more depending on the clinic

Is this an Australian thread? If yes, It is bulk billed in some cases, free up to a point (To get started all the blood tests etc) then can be as cheap as $600 if done by a GP with certification rather than a Ob/Gynae. PrimaryIVF BumpIVF are a couple I know of

 Bulk billed in some cases? As in no out of pocket expenses? I've not heard that before. What circumstances would allow it?
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 One Sydney clinic. This article is more than a year old. I wonder if they are only clinic that bulk bills now. And if so, I imagine their waiting list is very long.
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 Ask your gp for referral!
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 I don't need IVF. But if this article is truth, I think it's wonderful & I hope more clinics around the country follow suit.
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In victoria if you meet certain criteria you can get discount ivf.

IVF implies a complex series of procedures used to treat fertility or genetic problems and assist with the conception of a child.

During IVF, mature eggs are collected (retrieved) from your ovaries and fertilized by sperm in a lab. Then the fertilized egg (embryo) is implanted in your uterus. One cycle of IVF takes about 6-8 weeks.

IVF is the most effective form of assisted reproductive technology. The procedure can be done using your own eggs and your partner's sperm. Or IVF may involve eggs, sperm or embryos from a known or anonymous donor. In case of Surrogacy, a gestational carrier — a woman who has an embryo implanted in her uterus — might be used.

Your chances of having a healthy baby using IVF depend on many factors, such as your age and the cause of infertility.

depends on what clinic she goes to. some bulk bill the actual ivf (remote patients or concession card holders), but you still need to pay for the medications, (which if on concession is only charged at concessional rate), cancellation fee, anethesist, and day surgery bed, at Flinders Fertility in Adelaide concessional IVF treatment (obviously changes to suit personal needs) if BOTH partners are on concession the 'average' fresh cycle is $950 if your not on concession it's (again average dependable on your personal needs) $3.500.

single (women) has no discrimination, same sex couples have no discrimination, they just need to prove the have some form of impaired infertility
again to clarify, this is just a BASIC low-down on prices -

Idk about how she would get it for free, but you can get ivf if your single, just has to buy sperm and pay for ivf or ivi.... lots of single mothers can and have done it, as long as you can pay for it.

Not free. Theres no requirements except certain health criteria and paying the medical bills to assist. She's probably out having one night stands and looking for her explaination to the world

 Oh you still need sperm for ivf so even more of a reason to not believe. Has she found someone to donate the goods and purchased a turkey baster?
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OP She said she is off to pick the sperm.
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IVF is not free.

OP That's what I thought too.
Do you get it cheaper or anything or is it one standard price?

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 There are rebates from medicare if there are fertility problems
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OP I'm pretty sure it's a fertility problem.
But still not free though?

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 Is her fertility problem lack of sperm? 😉 definiltey not free and even with rebates it pretty expensive by the time you finish the process. A few friends have used ivf and ended up around $8000 out of pocket as it took a few goes
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It should be free for single women and couples.

 I think it's a waste of taxpayers money to be paying for ivf
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I should ask my friend. She travelled to Poland to undergo treatment at Invicta. As I remember well cause of price and success rate.

Yes there are a few bulk bill clinics around & you can purchase sperm if you need it.

 & no you don't have to prove you can support the child but in some states you do have to pass a police check.
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