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Have you ever unintentionally stolen something?

Did you take it back?


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Answers (16)

Crumpets at aldi, compensation for having to pack my own bags lol

Potatoes at woollies just after we moved into this town. I called them to explain and see if I could fix it up next time I was in store, the store manager commended my honesty and I got to keep the potatoes for free. I was very pregnant and had two grumpy kids in tow, it was a simple oversight on my part.

Yeah, I was mortified. Went straight back and paid for it. The lady at the counter said it happens all the time and thanked me for being honest.

Yes, my son has picked up a toy and stashed it inside and the pram with him.. went to change his bum and found a dinosaur in there😂 returning it was no problem when you have a smile like his.

Yes. I bought some yoghurt and and banana for my daughter and forgot about a drink in the trolley. I walked off and went to sit down for my daughter to eat and I saw the drink. I had a sudden panic and near sprinted with my kid and trolley back to the shop. I told them what happened and I think she realised I was in a bit of a panic and she just said, it happens a lot darling, thanks for coming back to pay for it.

Yeah I do it all the time. Sometimes I go back, sometimes I don't

A hair tie. I had my hands full at target and in pilot mode I put the hair tie on my wrist. I went through the checkout and forgot to take it off.

I went on a mad Kmart spree when we moved house and started fresh, I bought 4 trolley loads of things like kitchenware and linen and I forgot to scan everything I'd put under the pram. I even folded down the pram with it all in there and didn't realise until the next day when I went to use it. I called Kmart and told them what I'd done and they transferred me around a bit then a manager told me to keep it for my honesty, it was a lot of stuff!

Walked out not paying for a meal, truely didn’t mean to. Felt too bad to go back.

A hot chook, because of the handles I popped it on the handle of the stroller.
I didn't go back, next time I went I gave the self serve checkout $10 in coins because once of twice the ladies have given me coins when I'm short. I payed it forward, not back and I stand by what I did.

Onions from the fruit and veg shop hiding underneath my shopping bags and I didn't see it. I went back and paid when I realised

Once I had a cooked chicken hanging on the side of the trolley, I didn’t go back