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Ground hog day Feeling down about the mundaness of life

I'm sick of doing the same stay at home mum thing day in day out. We are financially tight so can't do a lot...what can I do to feel happier.


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I have been where you are. No money, young kids, sahm mum while the husband works and get the weekends to sleep in and still go out with his mates. It seems like his life never changed.
Just remember that it is all just a chapter and a phase, and while I am enjoying my children being a little older (they are great little humans and are awesome at conversation now, which I craved) don't forget that these little people don't stay little forever, get you and them outside in the fresh air, make a picnic, get some paint or even pencils and draw, or look at the clouds and see what you can see, laugh with them, talk with them, go to the park, these things cost nothing but are worth a lot to the kids. I know that it won't take the feeling of Groundhog Day away, but it will create memories and a bond of laughing with your little people that you took the time with them when they needed you the most. The fresh air is amazing. Just take it day by day, the one day you are looking forward to will arrive so quickly that you will wish you were able to hold the pause button for a while.

If you can, work part time. When i was a stay at home mum i started working 9-4 ร—3 per week. It was great! If not, maybe go for a walk to get some fresh air/ sometimes just going for a drive is nice- roll the windows down ๐Ÿ˜† visit a friend, join a free play group, go to the local library for story/song time- consider a days daycare/ or ask for 2 half days if your centres do it. Give yourself some time to breathe.

I feel the same. Only my kids are now getting much older. It feels like I am doing groundhog year. I want to return to work and I am soo keen to do 'something' else and yet every turn the universe knocks back my attempts. I swear men dont have their lives half as altered as a womans when she becomes a mother. Hope you find something to get you through.

get a job?

 I don't know if that is a troll, but I have to suggest that it could help if your situation could allow(family help/older kids). I work one daY a week and it makes a world of a difference to me. Otherwise, organise a roster with friends to take care of the kids and go to a gym or pool every so often to regain some sanity?
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 It wasnt a troll post actually, she said she is bored of being a sahm, and she is poor. There may be other barriers to her working but she didnt mention them. The solution seems obvious...
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Studying has been great for me. Could you do an evening course or online course to help give you something to challenge yourself and break up your week? Will also help for when/if you do go back to work :)

I like mixing it up at home sometimes. For example, have a 'China' day where you make stir fry for dinner and use chopsticks or light candles and have a 'restaurant dinner' (my daughter loved 'taking the drinks order'). Movie night with a family movie and popcorn, 'camping' where you make an outdoor fort or put up a tent, that sort of thing.
Having a group like a mothers group, play group or hobby is also important. The mothers' fitness groups are big in our area at the moment (not my cup of tea but respect!).
I joined a book club - just once a month - but it's nice.
And everyone is right, it won't last forever :)

I've been home for 6 years now. I feel you.
We're not in a position for me to go back to work. I was about to start studying again when I fell pregnant on the merina so now I'm home for at least another year.
I feel so guilty for feeling like this - I do know how lucky I am to be able to stay home as long as I want - but mentally I'm in such a rut ๐Ÿ˜ž
Planning an outing each day to parks/beach and some free local activities at the library and free playgroups I find helps tremendously; even if some days I really can't be bothered facing all the awkward small talk and clicky mums - it's better than sitting in these 4 walls!

 This is what I came on here to say. Getting out of the house everyday helps keep me sane, no matter what we do. You can also pick up yearly memberships for things pretty cheaply too, I have one for the local aquarium and it only cost me $36 for the year we go at least 2 times a month and my son absolutely loves it.
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