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Do you take the weekend off?

My husband works full time and I stay home with two kids. I do most of the housework and a little bit of yard work, my husband helps a bit with housework on the weekends and does a lot with the kids. A few years ago I decided that if I was reasonably up to date with the house stuff I would have weekends off too. My husband cooks dinner one night, I still keep the house reasonably tidy, might do a load of washing. I still make lunch and look after the kids but other than that I don't do much cleaning. Do others do the same?


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No because I work, so I need some of the weekend to get stuff done. But if I didn't work then I probably would!

I take a break of doing the major cleaning jobs but I keep up with dishes and washing and tidy the toys up. Maybe do a quick vacuum over the main areas of the house.

During the week I have a strict deep cleaning schedule I follow so weekends off help me relax a bit and enjoy the family time.

I am a stay at home mum and yes I take a break from the cleaning over the weekend. Mostly because my house is like a trainstation over the weekend and it really is too hard to clean. I wash the uniforms, do the groceries, general tidy up, easy meals for tea etc.

Not really. Its the only time I have to clean, do washing, bake etc for the week ahead

Kind of, on Sunday we decided to go out to lunch and movie instead of cleaning the house. But I still did some cleaning when we got home

My husband works shifts so depending on his roster I will take a day off a week and do the bare minimum.