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Circumcised/ uncircumcised

Had a funny conversation with my girlfriends at the start of the week, now watching bad moms...

Are uncircusized guys really that hard to come by?!

My husband is uncut and the girls were all talking about how it would totally freak them out...
Haha my husband has the best penis Iv seen... lol his hate stays on most the time, kinda freaks me out when it actually comes down occasionally

I don't think I could go down on an uncut guy lol

Anyone else care to way in? Lol


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I’ve only seen one cut guy in my life, mid 20s Australia. I’ve always preferred uncircumcised and still think circumcision is wrong

In my hometown almost every dick I've seen (and since this is anonymous I'll admit that I've SEEN quite a few) has been circumcised. I prefer it that way, but I have nothing against an uncut guy if he knows what to do with it 😉

 ðŸ˜‚😂 you go girl
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I much prefer circumsized. :)

 Me too, I dated a boy years ago who was not, and was not very clean. It's put me off.
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3/4 of the guys I've had sex with in my life were uncircumcised. I married the 1/4 😉 so much nicer.

In Australia is uncommon these days but in America it is more common to be circumcised.

 70 percent of them are religious.
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It's more rare in Australia, particularly since mid-1970s.

I always thought cut was more rare. I've never been with a man who was cut.

I've also had both and I think pros and cons. Guys my own age seem to be uncut/natural and my current BF is uncut and he is very gentle with me in the bedroom, which is nice. I can definatley feel his foreskin moving inside me. He always puts it in me covered and then it always come out covered as well, not sure why ?? He seems to be a really nice guy, although only just started dating him. I had a casual thing with an older guy and he was circumcised, not sure wether it's an age thing. He was different, much harder rather than gentle if you get what I mean. It was nice, defo good fun for a quickie.... but rougher if you like. I don't mind both ;-)

I was quite promiscuous when I was younger, and am yet to see a circumcised dick. I'm in NZ and unless they're over 50 the majority are uncut. Most times it gets done for medical reasons here.

 Agreed not common in NZ at all in younger guys
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I have always come across uncircumcised guys. I have 1 friend who is gay and he is circumcised and he has said that uncircumcised is a lot more common

Been with circumcised guys the only advantage they have is that they go a little longer as the skin has toughened and lost a bit of feeling.

Mine is not and I wouldn't have any children of mine circumcised you listen to that baby scream that is blood curdling (even more so)

My husband is circumcised but none of the other guys Iv been with were. I preferred uncircumcised, I don't know why maybe just because it was what I was used too

I'm in my 30s now but I sure did get around in my 20s lol and I have to say it was very much half half. Lucky dip!
More common to be uncirc'd these days.