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Bit odd.

Everytime I drink wine I feel incredibly uneasy. Even after just 1 glass (white or red) my head feels very full, I get dizzy, my face my feel a bit numb and I just feel weird in my head. My body can feel very heavy too. I am not drunk I am still very capable, I don't feel drunk, my mind is totally fine. I can drink vodka/premix etc no worries it's just wine.. does anyone had any idea why this happens???


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It could be an adverse affect to the preservatives.

 Try organic wine
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OP Thankyou! I'll have a Google and swap :)
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Yeah this is me when i'm drunk & don't realise it yet. Some wines a very potent, they go straight to your head especially if you don't have food in your stomach. I can drink spirits like a champ but some wines whooo horsey I want to get off now after 1 glass

I cannot drink one particular brands of wine, and was able to identify 2 preservatives that trigger massive rhinitis attacks (running & blocked nose) that would last about 6 hours.

Does all wine trigger you, or is it certain brands ?

Sounds like you're allergic to the sulfites in the wine. If you get an organic one make sure it is sulfite free