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What does ur hubby do for u when u are sick?

I have been quite ill the last few days hubby has been useless in bed until the afternoon not helping with kids not helping with housework or dinner seriously how can he be so useless my question is what do ur hubbys do for you? Or are they all lazy pricks


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Another example of why punctuation rocks "hubby has been useless in bed"

 Thank goodness I'm not the only one.....
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 "useless in bed til the afternoon" even. But then he comes good.....
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 Re read a few times to make sense but in saying that I am not perfect on punctuation on my phone. It always changes things. Sometimes I consider technology free life but then I look in the mirror and think who the hell are you kidding.
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 Useless in bed but comes good ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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 Has been useless! In bed until the afternoon.
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My ex left me once (not the first time) with a severe ear infection, pregnant, 18mth old and a 4yr old to go fishing...he became my ex the very next day.

My husband looks after me, let's me sleep, takes the day off from work if I'm extremely ill (I get extreme migraines every couple of months)
He cleans and cooks and keeps the kids quiet or takes them out so I can rest.
I seem to be one of the lucky ones. Next time ladies make sure to kick your hubbys a*s for being inconsiderate

My husband works long hours and then he comes home and helps run the house. I would say he contributes way more than I do. He would be better as a single parent than I would be. He is a champ and I am so lucky. I don't know how he puts up with me.

 You deserve to be treated like a queen, we all do and your husband is one of the rare men that understand this.
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My hubby looked after me for 2 straight weeks after I had my gall bladder out. He cooked, he cleaned, he looked after the kids 100%. Sure it wasn't at the same standard I keep, but he tried.


 What's the j ?? So your mates know who you are lol
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I really must be odd cos if I am sick I have never expected husband to take a day off to look after me or the kids.He knows nothing will be done - He just comes home and will cook dinner for us all. he will get the kids to bed and clean up after dinner.

 I never expected my ex-husband to take a day off, but he wouldn't even think of cooking dinner. He would complain if he had to do it. I think that is nasty, but he was a very selfish man.
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Never used to help but after chemo and during it he has/ had. Came to realize whilst I was going through chemo that i needed help sometimes

Men are like dogs. You need to train them. Mine was a lazy prick when we first married but it was only because he had never seen his father help his mum at all. Apart from helping her get a black eye or bloody nose. He now helps with the kids, the housework and looks after me when I am sick.

 No offence to you but this is a bullshit excuse! A grown man is perfectly capable of compassion and empathy and knowing how to do the right thing. They just dont want to and will use any weakness on the mother's part as an excuse to get out of what the have to do. They arent like dogs at all because dogs WANT to learn and thrive off it, most men do not and will throw it back in your face when it suits them.
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 Absolutely disagree. My man is not a dog, he's a considerate grown up who helps when he sees its needed. He grew up with brothers and a mum who did everything for their dad too, but did not need 'training'
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 I am a man and I just don't see mess and I do not know how to look after my sick wife and I don't know how to look after kids. It's just the way we are wired.thing is You ladies naturally are great at chores and childcare and you it much better then us. But If you ladies need our help or something done just ask or give us a list. Ask nicely though and say thanks! Just don't nag or go all PA on us.
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 I totally agree, my husband works hard, great fixing things around the house, has a great relationship with the kids but was hopeless in looking after me. I said I donโ€™t want any nasty trinkets, I taught him to cook, clean, do laundry and be a great party host. If anything happened to me he could cope. I thought he was lazy and inconsiderate but when we talked it over he just didnโ€™t know. Now he does stuff without being nagged.
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Hubby lets me sleep in on his day home from work when I'm sick and if I'm too sick he takes the day off to help with the kids. He didn't always though and I never used to expect it until one day the kids and I all got terrible Gastro. There was vomit and diarreah everywhere and we're very lucky we have two toilets. I begged him to stay home (the first time ever - I was fine with him going back to work straight away after the babies births even and for a lot of hospital appointments for our oldest) and he said he had to work sorry and left.

I had a day from hell, I cried most of the day while violently vomiting in a bucket while needing to be on the toilet, with my oldest violently vomiting sitting on the other toilet and my youngest violently vomiting into a bucket and me having to change her nappy everytime I got a second off the toilet.

He got home and I ripped into him, cited all the times he went to work when he should've been home and now he's an angel. Whenever I'm sick he offers to stay home and I tell him to go to work unless the kids and I are all too sick and I need help or think a hospital trip is necessary (my oldest has medical issues).

He helps with the housework, cooks dinner, rubs my feet and goes to the pharmacy for supplies.

 In sickness and in health. Here here!
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He makes me tea and keeps the older kids away so I can sleep and rest. Also he takes me to get my favourite foods because they're also his favourite foods and our theory is the spiciness helps you get better faster. Yay for burritos

No they're not all pricks! Mine will take the day off work or come home if he's already there. Takes care of 4 kids (baths, dinners) clears the sink and generally makes sure house is tidy. He checks up on me gives me my meds and something to eat if I can stomach it. Maybe you need to tell your hubby what your expectations are some men seriously don't know! And figure if you're not complaining then all is good

My husband was like this. One if the reasons why he is now my ex-husband. It is selfish and nasty. I know that I would help someone I cared about if they were sick, so the one person who is supposed to love you the most should be the first in line to help out. If they're not then they don't love you.

 Exactly! I couldnt have said it better myself โ˜บ
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U ladies are very lucky its all making me really question this relationship how can i be with someone who takes takes takes but never gives maybe im jus sick and feelin sorry for myself we have no family near by so i am doin it solo he is currently still in bed

 He needs to get his act together or you need to leave him. Stop giving him anything. Do not do anything for him until he understands what a proper relationship is. Youre not a slave.
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I'm pretty lucky, although hubby wouldn't take a day off unless I was really sick he still helps me out even when I'm not sick. He works hard and still comes home and helps with the house and our daughter, he doesn't cook but if I was sick he would order take away or reheat what ever meals are in the freezer.

I was sick yesterday. Hubby made dinner, did the dishes, cleaned and put away the washing, bathed our toddler and ran me a bath for my upset tummy.

He also offered to call a home visit doctor if I needed it or to drive me to hospital. I'm pregnant and he was worried about how many false contractions I was getting from the tummy bug.

 Aww your hubby is a real sweetheart...good on him :)
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