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Is it normal for a child who never naps to suddenly want a daytime sleep?

My 3 year old has never been a napper but this week she has started wanting a short sleep after lunch every day. Is this a developmental/growth spurt thing?


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Both of my kids decided by the age of 1 napping was no longer cool, and both at around the age of 2-3 decided it was once again cool. Not cool again about 6 months after that. Unless your child is sick, don’t worry. It probably is as you say a growth spurt. Kids burn incredible amounts of energy for growth and fuel at that age.

OP Thanks, I'm hoping this is going to be a regular thing but it's so unlike her that I wondered if I should be worried. She didn't even nap properly as a baby (she had a kind of sleep disorder that we had to see paediatricians about) and she only usually sleeps during the day when she's really sick, that's why I'm a bit thrown at the moment. It's only happened a few times but she doesn't seem sick and when she wakes up she's very happy and energetic again. Oh that would be so wonderful if she started having nap time - I won't know what to do with myself! :-)
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 If she seems happy and energetic upon waking I wouldn’t be too worried. Sounds like a growth spurt to me!
If you had problems with her sleeping in the past and are still worried; maybe you could get in touch with the paed/sleep specialist you saw previously? They may be able to help.
Hehe naps are the best 😋😍

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 ^ I say that cos mine are still napping age and god I love it.
Hope all is ok for you; and you can enjoy the mummy time naps bring!! X

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