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Does your husband find you attractive?

I find this a reoccurring theme on this page and am curious to you feel that your husband finds you attractive? Husbands, love to hear what you think about this also!


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I don't believe he finds me attractive in the physical sense, I don't think he ever has, I'm 130kilos, really bad skin, dress is the most basic clothes ever and look frumpy lol and that's how I looked met him, I haven't changed lol. So clearly my personality is what's attractive to him. He's very sexually attracted to me and he loves me so much. I must have something going on 😂 😂

 Fabulous :)
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 You have a vagina
Bet he’s no oil painting

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F**k knows. The poor bastard is stuck with me though until the sweet release of death 😂
I figure, he probably still thinks I'm cute, even though my body has changed since we met. I think hes still adorable af. I've got stretch marks and tummy wobbles, from carrying our children. I've got wrinkly eyes from laughing. And the occasional white hair.
He's changed too though. He's much bulkier now than he was (both fat and muscle), his hair is thinning, and he has aged too. 10/10 would still bang though 😉

 Love that last line 😂
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My husband is always perving at me. Peeks on me in the shower, comes in the room just as I’m getting undressed, happens to be looking whenever I bend over...I have a good body tho im damn ugly so he’s probably just horny rather than finding me attractive.

 I think his behaviour is really sweet 😍
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It’s supposed to be unconditional love, & I’m pretty sure he loves me, but I’ve put on 15kg (middle age spread eeekk) & I know he’s not as hot for me anymore. I think it’s partly that he’s not attracted to chubby and partly because my self confidence/esteem has taken a hit & I feel fat frumpy & forty

 Good insight. :)
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 Yeah this is totally my response.

My husband is one of those really annoying people who are getting hotter as he ages. And he’s still in great shape. He’s gonna be one of this old guys who need to trim his eyebrows one day so hair loss is a non issue. He’s getting a fair few white sprinkles on the side of his head but cos he shaves his head and he’s got dark olive skin it just make him look hotter wtf.

This year I’m trying really hard to get rid of my frumpy and I know he’s never been particularly attracted to chubby. And I had an amazing body before kids.

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He won't leave me alone

 Lucky you :)
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He still wants to have sex with me so I guess so! I’ve put on weight in the 20 years and so has he, but he seems to think the bigger boobs are awesome!

Yeah seems to find me ENDLESSLY attractive and is always eyeing me off in the shower or rushing to watch when I get changed! Dunno why, I think I'm pretty average looking and my body's not what it used to be after 2 kids. Not complaining!

HE just seems to get better with age and is rocking the silver fox look, meanwhile I'm looking increasingly like my Aunt Mildred.

 Oh! I love this, that’s great! Your hubby sounds fantastic 😊
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 Oh and I doubt you look likeAunt Mildred - I bet you look great too
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