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Which brand razor do you recommend for shaving legs?


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I use the green shick disposable ones with 2 blades. I have found they are the best for price and do a good job of getting through my man hairy legs, and without a rash. Dont be fooled into buying female razors, mens are cheaper and do the job just fine. Nothing annoys me more than companies slapping extra dollars on products just because they're aimed at females. If you look at womens skincare products compared to mens next time you're in the supermarket you will see what I mean.

Schick xtreme 3. Good close shave, easy to handle and reasonably cheap too!

 Can you get them in woolies?
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I love the Venus Olay blades 😍 Pricey, but worth it!

I use the Gillette fusion (I think) hubby and I both use them. Each have our own