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Adhd diagnosis For my child. Now what?

I'm overwhelmed really, they want to start medication but I don't know??
My child isnt like the aggressive, psycho adhd kids portrayed in the media so I'm really surprised.
How did you react to the diagnosis and what did you do next?


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Is he/she the hyperactive type or the daydream type?
When one of my twins was diagnosed with ADHD I was so lost. I felt like I had failed her somehow. Which was total bullshit. ADHD, for us, is just a different way of dealing with things. So, my girl isn't hyperactive, but she can't focus well unless it's really REALLY piqued her interest.
We opted to forgo medication. Instead we focus on healthy living and tailoring our approach to homework to HER needs. So, she has trouble with maths, but she LOVES Pokemon. So instead of 2+2=4 we might work out how many pikachus. 2 pikachus + 2 pikachus = 4 wild pikachus omg watch out! Quick let's move on to the next problem before we get friiiiiiiiiiiiiied ☇

It just takes more patience than with other kids.
You need to step back and absorb what you've learned today. Take some time to let it sink in BEFORE you take any more actions. ADHD isn't a big deal. It's quite manageable, and even though it's not the 100% perfect life you might have envisioned for your baby, it's not a horrible disaster. Breathe mumma. You got this.
Oh, heads up, he or she may need help keeping track of their things. My daughter and husband (also ADHD) lose their stuff all the time. It's very annoying. I try to keep track of it for them to make life easier. Their minds work faster than their conscious, so they'll put something down, and immediately lose it.

OP I think I feel so bad because they are 12, and we're only getting into this now, but really they've been struggling at school for years and we just thought it was just being bad at school.
You're right, if something interested them they are really REALLY interested.
They just completely zone out, get distracted, cannot focus on anything really. I think if they were really hyperactive someone might have suggested an assessment earlier.
Starting medication seems like such a big deal too!

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 Great response!! Really helpful x
Op all the best but there are heaps of natural avenues like this commenter said to try like healthy living etc before medication and other ways to deal with things. It’s hard to come to terms with but you’re young person is still your gorgeous child it just takes time for the info to sink in and be processed.
All the best!

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Just take your time to process everything & don’t feel pressured to make any decisions straight away. It can take time to work out how to manage. We got our son’s diagnosis about 3 months ago & I’m still not sure about medication. I’m looking into his sleep first as he has never slept well. If you’re not sure about starting meds, get a second opinion. Read peer reviewed articles to get accurate info & join some parent support groups on Facebook. Best of luck xx

So actual adhd like actual depression it is actually a thing wrong with the brain, whilst there are plenty of natural things you can do to aid their life they still might need the medication to work alongside those natural paths perhaps especially initially while you establish those natural paths. This isn’t so scary if it is just riddlin they want to give your child. If your child is needing an antipsychotic to help calm them I would be reluctant at such a young age.

OP OK I haven't thought of it like that. Thank you
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