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Easter What is your budget per kid ?

Would it be ok if I gave my rude step kids cheap chocolate for Easter ?


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Easter budget. Wtf. Just fill a basket with stuff and you're done.
As for your troll question, no you shouldn't treat your stepkids like dirt.

  Not OP but how is this a troll question? You are an idiot. Get a life di*****d. If you don't like the question then don't reply. You miserable fat sow.
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 They treat her like shit
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 They are kids! She is adult.
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You can't make someone treat you better by treating them worse. Hold your morals and be fair. I only spend about $15 per child which is usually a decent chocolate egg (approx $8), a cheap book ($2) and a pair of winter PJs which I buy at the previous years target clearance sale (approx $5).

Of course it's okay. If they are brats they probably deserve nothing. They should just be bloody grateful.
My husband prefers the cheap shit and my children are just happy to celebrate Easter with chocolate as an added bonus.

Gosh are people budgeting for Easter now? Is this going to turn into Christmas, where people are like "so I've spent $1k on each child, had to save up all year but it's worth it to see their faces"??

 Hey douche, you don't like the question? Scroll on. Its not hard.
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 Easter eggs aren’t cheap so I guess people need to. People also host family get together, many of those people like seafood over easter and that is t cheap either. However, the title of this thread is misleading. OP wasn’t asking how much people budget for Easter, but if it’s ok she give her rude step kids less.
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 You seem to be reacting really aggressively to people who "don't like your question"? Calm down. This is a discussion forum, people are allowed to comment on the question or talk about other related issues.
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Of course it is!! It'll give them even more reasons to be rude to a rude step mother!

 I gave them nice chocolate last year and they were rude
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 They are probably always going to be rude. They are step kids. Some step kids will never ever ever ever like their step parents, no matter what.
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 You could give them a faberge egg and they would still be rude. You can’t buy respect, but nor does lowering your standards help either.

Don’t give them any more ammo. Give what you would to your kids. No more, no less.

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I don't buy any easter eggs for my kids anymore, old enough to understand!!! We aren't even religous!!! If you have step kids and your own biological kids, you should buy the same for all!!!! Or don't buy any!!!!

That's what I do. But I buy them heaps so they don't mind.

20 bucks each. That's for my 2 biological children and 3 step children 🐇

I just buy enough for all the kids that we hide for. So 4 kids will get a bunny each, some Cadbury hunting eggs, and some small chicken eggs each. So maybe $50 worth of eggs divided amongst 4 kids.

About 50 this yr. Usually less but we have somewhere to go easter sunday so I brought.them a new outfit each for the day. I only buy 2 chocs from easter bunny then some hunting eggs. No choc from us

I spend 100 on easter candy. And buy my son a small toy, under $25. The candy gets split between hubby, son, and 7 or 8 other cousins.

I spend about $40 per child. I buy pyjamas, slippers and then some chocolate ( lollies for miss allergies)