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Can a relationship work if you move out ?

Been with my partner for 2 years and I can’t live with him. I dread when his kids stay over and my kids change their attitudes towards me.


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I dont think so babe. It would have to be a pretty exceptional relationship to withstand that. I do suspect however that you may already have your answer. There isnt 1 positive comment about him or your relationship in your post. It sounds like you need to do a little soul searching for yourself and your kids. Good luck ❤

 He is a great lover and provider
I will lose my comfy lifestyle
We get along when he’s kids aren’t around

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 ^too late. Is those things were so important you would put them in your first post. His kids are always going to be there btw
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 He isnt going to provide if you dont live with him.
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Your lifestyle won't be as comfy, as you'll have the cost of two households instead of one. You need to sort out the issue with his kids, as they're going to be around for a very long time.