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Do any of you mums have a cleaner because you never seem to have time to do everything?


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I wish. Would be wonderful. Don’t shame people who have a cleaner. My neighbour was whinging that her daughter in law hired a cleaner and I said I thought it was great. It’s not a competition ladies. You don’t get a gold star for cleaning.

 Good on you for saying that. 😁 id love a cleaner or maid or cook. Any or all of the above please
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I'm a stay at home mum and we are looking at getting a cleaner in once a fortnight for 2 hours.
We each get $80 a fortnight spending money so half of mine is going to that.
I can afford it and I don't like cleaning so why not!

 Totally agree. I had a cleaner come in to do my windows and glass wardrobe doors once a week when I was a SAHM because i had toddlers and it stressed me out trying to clean them. It took the pressure off.
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Well im a cleaner and i would never say you are lazy for getting one. Everyone just needs a little help sometimes 😊

Nope, i get the kids to help me clean. All but my 1 year old tidy and vacuum their own rooms, we all do the common rooms together, i do bathrooms and toilets, and hubby helps with the kitchen

No cleaner. I'm a stay at home mum, I do have a lot of time on my hands. I don't know what mum's complain about. I even get to 💩💩 in peace. Couldn't do that when u worked.

 The more active kids make more mess and work and demand more attention from the parent. The type and number of kids you have makes a big difference. I had 2 who were as different as chalk and cheese, several years apart, and it made a big difference to what I was faced with, and how i coped.
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 Let me guess you've got 6 kids under 4 too and you still manage to put heels on once a week for hubby and have a date night?
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 I'm not a breeding machine. I have 4 active children 7 and under.
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 I agree the children/'s personalities make all the difference! I have 3 kids and the middle one makes 80% of the mess. He's just a very curious kid and loves to be hands on and is very active. Without him I would be able to keep on top of everything perfectly (was a poster SAHM before he came along lol), but with him in the house I feel like I just run around in circles behind him.

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I will come clean your houses ladies 😊

 Fancy a trip to WA to do my final clean for vacating a rental? Im dreading it, with 3 kids under 5
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OP WA is a bit far😊 but wish i could.
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No but I'm starting to think about it! Three under three and it's starting to overwhelm me a little. Things like the mopping and furniture polishing just never seem to get done. I keep on top of daily essentials - eg kitchen, vacuuming, laundry washing & folding etc but the things that aren't as essential just never seem to get done. And I feel like the house is never totally clean

 I'd recommend it. Maybe if money is tight get someone in fortnightly or even just once a month to do a good deep clean and that would definately help.
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 I'm the same. I feel like I spend all day cleaning but the house is never clean.
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I have one temporarily until my baby is born. My 5th baby and a trying pregnancy. She will come fortnightly up until the birth. Just to do floors and scrub showers. Makes a huge difference.

 5 kids. Good for you! We are a blended family if 5. 3 kids come on weekends only and I know how much washing that makes alone!!
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Any of you mums live in qld?

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When I worked full time I did- it's about prioritising and making time for family over chores

I do. Once a fortnight it's great because it's a nice thorough clean and then I just tidy up in between cleans.

Yes I do. I first got her in when I was pregnant with my second baby. I just couldn’t do it. I went back to work after three months and simply don’t get time. I have her clean my bathroom , vacuum and mop the floors fortnightly. I do the rest.

Anyone live near Logan in qld im serious i will come make your place look awesome 😊

 I wish, I'm in Townsville.
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 How much do you charge?
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I don't have a cleaner but I feel like I need to get one for the next couple of months. I'm a SAHM with 2 kids, one is 2.5 and the other is 3 weeks. I'm also a full-time student and I haven't taken any time off from studying to have the baby either. I'm only just staying on top of the everyday housework tasks thanks to my eldest going to daycare 2 days a week but I'm falling behind on the bigger housework jobs. I want to get a cleaner in once a fortnight to do things like mopping the floors, dusting, cleaning the shower, wiping the walls down etc. Just the things I don't get a chance to do or when I do get a chance to do them I really should be studying.