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Best tasting formula for babies without any medical issues

My baby doesnt need any special formula. I just need a nice tasting one to try for him. I start work again soon and i cannot express. I do long shifts so he needs to take formula. Ive been trying s26 gold - trying 1 bottle per day for the last month. He has had 4 full bottles after much preservance but generally screws his face up and cries. Im using tommeetippee bottles which he latches onto okay- i really just think he doesnt like the taste of formula


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A2 and apatamil were very creamy and sweet.. Kiara loved them. Pricey but good. Try all the other brands.. you'll know which works. I was just fortunate to have an easy feeder. And don't turf the unused cans give it to someone else is even the church there's so many welfare dependents that can't afford it.

Mine drank SMA. it was the only one they'd take and it happened to be the cheapest.
Also, when going from breast to bottle, don't get the age appropriate nipples for the bottle, but the higher flowing ones. Bubs already copes with high flow and may be getting frustrated that it's not coming out fast enough. (If you squeeze your nipple, you'll see milk come out in at least 5 different directions, most bottles only have one or 2 small holes....).

Thanks :) my doc is judgemental anyways. I asked her the other day and she was all like 'keep bfing your baby is so young blah blah' baby is 4months. Its not like i want to return to work- its something i have to do... i bought some new bottles today to trial and some different formula and after a touch of fussing he had 90mls :)

Firstly, you do not need to explain to anyone here why you are switching to formula. Secondly, it's a matter of trial and error to find which you baby prefers. My first liked S26. But it made my second very spewy. So I switched to NAN and she was fine in that, be aware too that the gold varieties have extra iron which can cause constipation. So avoid those.

Each bub is different. I had been having issues with formula. I knew it wasn't the bottle as he would drink expressed breastmilk from them but just scream at formula. I have finally gotten him to take S26 gold 😝 took to it no dramas. Even had it at room temperature! So, sorry not really any advice except try a different brand or talk to your doc or health care nurse in case they have some samples - cheaper than throwing tins of formula away. Good luck, I know it's hard!