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What would you do?

What would you do if you son was at home and he was crying all alone on the bedroom floor because he's hungry?
The only way to feed him is to sleep with a man for little bit of money.

His daddy's gone.


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Whoa whoa whoa hold up get up on my feet and stop making tired excuses. Cos I wouldn't want my baby to go through what I went through. Baby if my mamma can do it, baby you can do it.

Why is this the only way? I’d exhaust every other avenue first. Contact local charities like the salvos before prostituting myself.

OP But for me this is what I call life.
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 Oh I get it now. Lyrics to a song. Are you bored? What’s the point of this thread?
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OP It's a test of your maturity and wisdom.
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I always sang this song but never really understood or listens to the actual lyrics. It's kind of sad ......

 But I'd sleep with the man for a little bit of monie if I had too.
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I would if I had to, but I would try charities first, walk around Woolies and let him eat free fruit.

Somewhere smokin rock now in and outta lock down. So for you this is just a good time but for me this is what I call life mmhmm