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Not sleeping well. Always anxious/stressing/worried.

I used to have no issues sleeping and could sleep in or wake up and go back t o sleep. Now i wake up at random times during the night and cant sleep. Im awake for hours and Im always stressing about something. In the mornings when I wake up, all i think about is what do i have to stress about and deal with today? Even on holidays - infact holidays I was even worse! I always worry about things that havent happened, come up with a plan for if it does happen, always assume the worst. I get myself so wound up and always thinking so far ahead that I dont enjoy myself. My husband has noticed and commented several times. I just cant seem to be in the moment. Im worried if i enjoy myself and be happy im being naive about some bad thing that may come up. I need to know and understand everything and get frustrated and almost panicked if i only know bits. I know this isnt healthy. I know im getting worse. I dont feel like Im the person I was - i miss her.


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Anxiety is one of those things can can creep up on you without warning. For most people a level of it is manageable. But when it takes over your life then that is when you should take action. Go have a chat to your GP. A health care plan to see a spchnologist might help. And maybe some short term meds.

Me too. I finding running a great strategy to try and manage it. It clears my head and regulates my breathing, and I sleep much better afterwards.

Occasionally I wake up too through the night unable to go back to sleep. I use remedy rescue from the chemist. Obviously i also agree with the above post in seeing your GP.