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For those who have selected a untethered booster for kids aged 8-10 may I ask your reasoning for this and did it cause teasing or issues for your kids with other kids who weren’t in the same or similar seat

 My daughter is about to turn 10 and still in a booster with the seat belt. She still fits in (she's really little) and no teasing at all. She's never even asked to get out of it? Doesn't bother her at all.
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Mine came out at 7. Way too tall could hardly see over their heads in the rear view mirror. But if you need to keep them in at that age then booster seat with the cars seat belt across them

 Thanks for taking the time to respond, I totally agree but have been made to feel like a bad parent for not getting a untethered booster to use. It is good to hear that others are in the same boat
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 Try not to listen to others. Someone will always be there to try and give their “right” opinion. What’s right for one kid could be completely different for another kid. My eldest is so tall I really struggle seeing over her head but had to legally keep her in till the age of 7. I had 3 seats in the back at one stage and between them not much visibility in the rear view mirror. They had just outgrown the seats too I couldn’t lift the headrest any higher and they were slouching because their shoulders were hiting it
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 And the end of the day really between tethered and untethered it’s just a clip that hooks the seat down. Usually kids are heavy enough too to weigh the seat down and the seat belt keeps them in place
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My daughter is about to turn 10. She is still Inna booster with the seat belt. She's little and still fits so she's staying in. Doesn't bother her at all. She's never even mentioned it so we're rolling with it.

My 8 year is the height of an average 12 year old she has been sitting in the front seat from about age 5, i cant imagine an 8 year old in a car seat.