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Pregnancy test after vasectomy.

So my husband had a vasectomy about a year ago and he has had the follow up tests which were clear.
Now I'm a week late and not sure if I should get a pregnancy test or not. Feel a lot of early pregnancy symptoms but they could all be pms too.
My question is, do you ladies with a hubby who has had a vasectomy, still do pregnancy tests or am I being paranoid?
I feel like I stress every month about it still even though the chances are so low that I could get pregnant.
I know this probably all sounds really stupid, but I am constantly anxious about it so please be kind.


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Did he have the follow up test to make sure the vasectomy had worked?

Just do one, it's about $7 and will ease your mind. Go to a busy shopping centre away from where you live if you're worried about being seen buying it.

What happened op? Were you pregnant? My husband had one 5 years ago and I still freak out!

Any chance someone else has been eating at your husband's place at the table?

 No way...but I'm worried people might think that if I'm seen buying a pregnancy test!
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 Buy online
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It's been 3 years post vasectomy for us and I still get panicky if I'm late as before kids I was to the hour regular

 One or two days, I'm not too stressed. But a week is a bit worrying.
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It’s been 8 years since my hubby had his and still get that panicky what if feeling every once in a while.

 Thank you.
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