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Need car seat advice, do you think despite a car seat having a 10 yer expiry it is better to upgrade after the 4 year mark due to it being well used and grotty.

Specifically considering buying a 0-8 InfaSecure seat it fits etc but a lot of of people have said by the time 4 years hit the car seat is better to be replaced as they are normally trashed


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Would probably depend on how trashed you let them get 🤷‍♀️ One of my car seats is nearing 5yrs old and it’s doing great. No issues with straps/buckles and certainly doesn’t look trashed. It gets cleaned regularly and I have no plans on replacing it any time soon. It’s the only rear facing seat I’ve got and I’ve used it for 3 babies.

 I used my car seat for my 6 kids
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My car seats are all still in good condition, just clean it.... And maybe tell your friends they are pigs and tell them it is their responsibility to clean their babies car seats, a toddler just isnt going to do it ....

I had one rearward facing seat for all my children that was still in perfect condition when I threw it out after they had all grown out of it after 8-9 years. It’s all about cleaning it properly and regularly.

My 2 kids are each on their second seat. We brought the 1st recommended for 0-4yrs and the 2nd 4yrs+. By the time the first were outgrown they were not in good condition. We cleaned them regularly but used the seats heaps and the cover broke on one while the under padding thinned out and became uncomfy on the other at the 4 yr point that they were due to be changed.

We considered a 0-8yr seat but relatives told us not to as they had all wanted to replace them around the 4yr mark anyway due to safety concerns not cleaniness.

We've had one of our seats for over 4 years, still in good condition.

Clean it & look after it & it'll last. My DS has had his 4-8 seat for 4 years & it's in fantastic condition, so It'll go to his sister when he grows out of it (which is soon!).

Safety ratings of seats is the most important. When I was looking last (4 years ago), the 0-8 seats with rear/forward facing were very expensive & didn't get the best ratings. It might have changed, though.